Alternative to Obamacare



5 thoughts on “Alternative to Obamacare

  1. Obamacare is the Republican alternative. Obama sold out single payer
    to the Am Hosp Assoc, Big Pharma, and the insurance companies…Umm, you know, the Romney Plan!

  2. The question is why do you use the word “if”? You know single payer was sold out to get bipartisan support. That figment of Obama imagination!

    1. The “if” did not question the fact, but it refers to an if-then premise: …then how will the GOP “sell” their ideas to the public? Or do they assume that the voting public is ignorant and dumbed-down as usual?

  3. And, c’mon you know the answer of why the GOP has a chance to win the Senate, namely, more Democrats are up for re-election in the States Romney won easily as LA, AK, AR, NC,MT, with NH in play.

    But, keep your eyes on MS. If the tea party candidate can defeat GOP
    Senator Cochran in the primary, the Dems may just win the general! There are my two “ifs”, lol..

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