Frozen Lenten Rose

Today is the n-th Sunday of Lent but my Lenten rose is frozen stiff in my yard. What a miserable start to Spring. Apparently in yesteryear, Christians watched their plant begin to sprout near Ash Wednesday and anticipate a fully blossomed plant by Easter Sunday.

Apparently, it’s not going to work this Lent. Sigh.



3 thoughts on “Frozen Lenten Rose

  1. That sucks Buddy, but there is at least one bright side. This year’s crappy and lllllong Winter has made me start researching climate change. I don’t see how people can deny it, but a lot of people still do. Oh well.

  2. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s newest map has upgraded the Toledo area’s zone one shade warmer. Climate change is real.

  3. ” yesteryear”

    There you two guys are again, i.e., longing for the good old days of our youth.

    When time stood still, winter ended on Mar 21, and unionism was rampant!

    Roses on Easter Sunday? In Toledo? As I recall, we were lucky to find a lilac bush to rob on our way to the bus stop to bring flowers to the nuns for the yearly May procession for Mary. Tulips, daffidols, and croceuses were even lucky to bloom. Here in Mississippi, they bloomed 3 weeks ago….Maybe a late Easter would see them bloom, but not ab early one…And, roses hardly….If I recall, the last date for frost in Toledo is usually
    around May 15, and wasn’t that about the date for Mary’s procession that some one we know always was the cross bearer….

    You see, that is all “yesteryear”….To think that we are going to remain religious as we were, or that unionism is going to return in worker bliss, or that the world is going to suddenly ban carbons, or that we can tell
    people of the world, don’t do as we did, do what we say is false hope.

    Religion is dying, unionism is on death’s doorstop, ending carbon emissions
    is hopeless, and world harmony is a figment of imagination…All “yesteryear”
    liberal beliefs, now dashed by a new time period…..Wake up and smell those roses, my friends….

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