Neolithic Appeal to the Ice God

My son and grandsons helped chop up ice in the driveway this weekend. It was the last ice of the awful winter of 2014. Toledo was declared the “Most  miserable city in the U.S.A.” this winter by the weather channel. Thus, with that final ice of winter, we constructed an appeasement to the God of Ice that He spare us any further torment and misery.


Neolythic Ice God


9 thoughts on “Neolithic Appeal to the Ice God

  1. I just got back in the house after taking the dogs out…After 2 weeks of really abnormal clear warm weather, it’s back to normal here. But at least it spring type normal, no nasty cold snaps in the long range forecast. I might see a bit of frost on the fields for the next 2 days, but we expect that here until Les Saints de Glace…May 10, 11 and 12th. This year La Lune Rousse is April 29th….The Red Moon…not because the moon looks red, but it is the lunar marker for the last date of a frost. When there is a late frost, tender shoots on plants tend to turn red. This is all based on fairly neolithic agricultural traditions! Bon Courage! You live in a part of the world with some of the most extreme weather on the planet. I did have a bit of misery on Saturday. I had to drive down to Terrasson…it was cold and rainy. It’s a 18 kilometer ride on a little rural road down into the gorge of the Elle River…on the way back, up the hill, I had a flat tire. No place to park on the steep little road…so I had to drive on the flat until I found a place to pull off safely. I got the jack out in the cold rain and started to take of the bolts and got two off when my lug nut wrench on my tire iron split! I managed to get them all off and then put on the spare and get the bolts back in reasonably tight enough for the ride home. Luckily have a great mechanic friend and we ordered new tires off the internet and I’m also getting a new oil filter, oil change and an air filter for a fraction of what I would have paid if I went to a garage. I was wet and cold, but when I read about your weather, I am so grateful! When we have weather like what you normally experience in Toledo winter, my road is impassable. The last two years after late winter snow storms and freezes we were literally stuck here for almost a week at a time.

    1. Microdot, thanks for sharing your experience. I, too, had a blow-out several weeks ago due to a pothole. The temp was near zero F and my car (20-years-old) has so much rust that I couldn’t jack it up. AAA told me it was a 4- hr. wait! Ugh!

      By the way, that Neolithic structure is still surprisingly upright. No one has knocked it down yet. It stands 1meter high and a child could sit on it. Perhaps my neighbors have instructed their children to honor this “religious” site.

    1. I don’t think AAA comes here to France….I’d call AA, but they wouldn’t send the St. Bernard dog with a brandy cask around its neck…so, I changed the flat myself and then went home and had a drink.

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