Body as Transmitter of the Soul

A few days ago I heard the statement, ” Some believe that the body is merely the tangible transmitter for the soul.” Never thought of that but the concept is intriguing. Our bodies are fairly useless in the grand scheme of the Cosmos, as we all know. Yet, we are told by theologians that our soul ‘lives on’ after the death of our body.

I’m not too sure of that; I believe it is one of those ‘mysteries’ that the good nuns told us about. Like the Trinity and the Immaculate Conception.

Yet this body/soul concept intrigues me. One of my first thoughts was, What if your body gets a corrupt soul? Is that the cause of corrupt people? Could a defendant pleas “corrupt soul” to a jury? The next question, which should have been my first: Where does the soul come from in the first place? Are they used? Many times before? Or brand new?

A walking, talking soul is a curious thought indeed!


7 thoughts on “Body as Transmitter of the Soul

  1. Soul is a wonderful word and concept. Soul Power! It is our inner force! You can say the word soul and be free of the burden of religion.As Curtis Mayfield sang in 1963: It’s Alright…You got soul and everybody knows, it’s alright!.

  2. The thought of a soul was a major “eye-opener” to organized religion for me. While talking at lunch with a “fringe” member, the subject of being “Reborn” came up. To get to Heaven, you definitely had to be reborn (sorry Catholics).

    I posed the question about a newborn baby dying in the first seconds of life. Would that soul make it to Heaven because it never had a chance for rebirth. The answer was the little soul would burn in eternity.

      1. I wish I had photos of the Baby Limbo performance art experience I choreographed and participated in at Brooklyn University around 1980….it was based on the concept of Limbo and I released hundreds of little plastic baby dolls with parachutes from the roof of Brooklyn College. There was a lot of stuff happening at ground level….I was working with a few other artists and we were fascinated with the catholic doctrine of Limbo. Limbo as a concept is pretty silly. Again it’s all about making belief user friendly, nice, fuzzy and safe….Hell is for adults, but Limbo is nice, pink and soft for the little babies….

    1. Hell in reality is something people create for themselves and others and like an American Express Card, they don’t leave home with out it.

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