Disrespecting Martin and Medgar

Were I  given the privilege to address a black audience on the subject, “What can I do to move the black agenda forward?” I’d begin with another question. It would be this. “What is the best way for a person of color to disrespect the memory of Martin and Medgar?” I’d follow it with a 2-word answer. “Not voting!”


12 thoughts on “Disrespecting Martin and Medgar

  1. Your State, Ohio and many other States now with Republican majority legislatures following the directives of ALEC are subverting the legacy of these men by enacting restrictive voting laws, eliminating polling places and opportunities to take advantage of early voting and gerrymandering districts. In the south, where voting drives organized through churches are now being declared illegal. Pretty soon, the only people who will be able to get to the polls and vote are those affluent enough to live in an area near a poll and have the free time to take advantage of the restrictive hours.
    How do you combat apathy? That is the biggest problem here in France. Voting is on Sundays, all day long. But still many people abstain out of protest or sheer laziness. But that is the problem, obviously, here, the people who will vote are the fanatic conservatives and far right, because they are driven by their fanaticism. It’s a real worry here as the Local elections come up in a few weeks here. The far right, Front National has parachuted candidates into little villages all over France and played on the apathy and discontent to mobilize their militants to urge their neighbors to vote for the new more friendly fascist party. That won’t happen here, the Dordogne and Correze are solidly Socialiste. It’s so predictably discouraging to see a generation grow up with amnesia regarding their country’s recent history. As the rise of the far right echoes the horrors of WW2 and reignites the fires of racism and prejudice here, a generation of blacks have lost their history in America and forget how hard voting rights were fought over. I see a lot of progressive political awareness in the young here and in America, but it all seems to be urban based and centered in the educated…If America tried to institute mandatory voting, like in a number of European countries or Australia, you would see the conservatives freak out and start making Nazi Germany allusions immediately.

    1. I blame the Democrats equally guilty for not doing more or even anything at all. We could have fixed the gerrymandering, but NO politicians wanted that fixed.

      1. NWO- recall a few cycles back, the voters were given the option of replacing gerrymandering with a logical, non-partisan boundary system. It went down because, as suspected Dems didn’t show. Apathy.

  2. How dare you, MD, to say Ohio is like Mississippi. Poor M_R, he has his blinders on and can’t see the new JIM CROW Ohio. Maybe he will tell us what is happening in Cincinnati, the new old Jackson of MS.

    1. Uh……..What’s happening in Cincinnati? And don’t say anything about the mayoral election.

      1. The GOP in Cincinatti has put forth an amendment to the city charter calling for all nine (9) council members to be elected “at-large” than by the present district.

        Very racist, as it will virtually assure that no Democratic minority person can ever sit on the Cincinatti city council. Until the Voting Rights Act the States could have an at-large election for the House. The Act finally declared it to
        be a denial of minority voting rights and made at large elections on the national level illegal.

        It is just proof for M_R that Jim Crow has come to his beloved Ohio and is contrary to his constant vetting that these things only happen in MS, or the
        Bible Belt, or South if the Mason-Dixon. 200 hundred miles from Toledo!
        My point to him has been that he has enough racial problems in Ohio to take care of, rather than worry about the South, where he doesn’t live. He and others don’t need to come to the Bible Belt to demonstrate and get arrested for voting rights. In this case they only have to travel 200 miles down to Cincy and find a street corner or an overpass to protest from…
        Will they?

        1. My days of standing on street corners is over. Ever since the stupid public chose to back GW Bush’s War on Iraq, I’ve given up on attempting to change minds. That show of stupidity frosted the cake for me. Blood for oil trumped intelligence.

          My efforts now are turning out voters on election day. That is enough of an effort for me.

          1. My friend, it’s both. It’s giving people a reason to vote, and then it’s getting them to the polls. It’s that ole two step the nuns taught us in grade school.

            And, since when can you only handle one “effort”? I’m working to change health care in this country, building a business yet, and working Democratic
            Party of my county. Why do you rate to have only one effort? LOL!

    1. why would you ask a nebulous question with an obvious answer unless you have your own agenda? Enlighten us, pray tell, sir….or is this a joke I haven’t heard yet with a really good punch line?

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