Does a Harsh Midwest Winter Prove No Climate Change?



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  1. Your snow and frigid winter has triggered the warmer and wettest winter on record here in Central Europe. The North American continent can be described as a climate amplifier. The Great Lakes and the Great Plains with massive mountain ranges on either side create a unique geographical situation that makes the weather of the midwest unique on the planet. The typical extreme temperature range, almost tropically hot in the summer and almost polar in the winter and the violent weather associated with this contrast is unique on the planet. Tornadoes are part of your mythology, but in the rest of the world? A very rare phenomena. I have just experienced a winter with almost daily rain, it rarely dropped below freezing. We have had one massive violent Atlantic storm after another here and flooding and tidal events have drastically altered the coastline. I am now living with the angst that if there is a bizarre late spring cold snap, it will be a real disaster. As it is, all of my spring bulbs are flowering, my fruit trees are beginning to flower and I have had to cut the lawn. I spent the day digging up my strawberries weeks before I would normally have to have this task completed because they are beginning to flower already!
    Why is this happening? The polar air mass that was triggered by the massive arctic ice melt in the winter fed your bizarre winter can created the wave of snow storms and “arctic vortex” effect….which was channeled through the North American ” weather amplifier”…don’t laugh, look at North America and see the trumpet like effect of the tropography…the cold weather created the Atlantic storm systems that gave us the non stop rain and mini hurricanes. So, you had a very cold, snowy winter that is going on and on…On the other side of the Atlantic, we have had the warmest and wettest winter on record….It is a very small planet and it is getting more and more obvious that what ever happens anywhere has an immediate effect everywhere else, An unexpected side effect our unexpected early spring here is over whelming air pollution in the big cities. Paris and Lyon are suffocating, because the air masses have stopped moving. I am lucky here because between the Atlantic and African air masses, I live in a corridor that is one of the lest polluted places in Europe. But, if you are in Paris, it’s your lucky day, if you are not asthmatic, because all public transportation is free…just to get the damn cars off the Peripherique!

  2. Thank you, Microdot, for this analysis. It is refreshing to read something based on science rather than politics (or right-wing blather.) there was a recent letter in the Blade from some Limbaugh lunatic questioning climate change.

    Such is life at the other end of the Atlantic,

  3. Try to hold your lunch down, here comes Bob Latta again. For those of you out-of-towners, Mr. Latta is the Representative for Ohio’s 5th Congressional District (Mud and my Congressman).

    Last week he had another “townhall meeting” via phone. He actually made this statement: “All you have to do to know climate change is a myth is look out your backdoor.”

    How in the hell can anyone so naïve and/or stupid be a Representative in the United States Congress?

    (Don’t know how it happened, but one lady from Sylvania got through and asked a legitimate question. He just talked about what he wanted and TOTALLY ignored her question.)

    1. That woman from Sylvania may have pulled a fast one on the Latta screener. She may have told the screener one thing then asked the question she wanted.

      The trouble with the 5th district is that it meanders down I 75 into the rural counties where voting GOP is a tradition. Hell, many down there might still think they are voting for Del, Bob’s dad. Stupidity is a difficult trait to kick.

  4. “How in the hell can anyone so naïve and/or stupid be a Representative in the United States Congress?”

    Maybe because people in Latta’s district take the attitude of the owner of this blog, not worth the time to get involved and work for change?

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