Those Inner City People

You may not have heard the racial dog whistle so here it is at a lower frequency. It’s those inner city men who don’t know about work and pass on this meme to the young boys in the neighborhood. You know, managed welfare generation after generation. It’s a ‘culture’ thing.

Paul Ryan said this. He also liked author of The Bell Curve who famously said that black folks are inferior.

Dog whistles! Tweet! Tweet!

Oh, today he backpedaled on what he said yesterday. Guess he really didn’t mean those mean things. But the GOP base heard the whistle and remembered what he said. That’s what he hoped for.

For the rest of us, forget what he said. He misspoke. He was misinterpreted. He didn’t really mean what he said. It’s all a mistake.  Carry on.


4 thoughts on “Those Inner City People

    1. Message? GET OUT THE VOTERS!! I saw a quote on Facebook which reads, “It’s NOT Republican voters who elect Republican candidates, it’s DEMOCRATS who stay home who elect Republicans.” That just happened in FL Tuesday. The R won because the D’s didn’t show up. Do your people know how to organize a GOTV procedure?

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