Another Example of the Effects of Dumbing Down

The Obama administration is running into a somewhat surprising roadblock in its final push to get Americans enrolled in Obamacare ahead of the March 31 deadline: The nation’s uninsured are increasingly suspicious of the law.

Fifty-six percent of those who identified as uninsured in a new poll conducted in February by the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, a research institution, had an unfavorable view of the health care reform law, compared to just 22 percent who said they view it favorably. The uninsured now see Obamacare less favorably than they did when the enrollment period began in October. As recently as September, more uninsured approved of the law than disapproved.

The survey results illustrate just how deep a hole the Obama administration is in when it comes to gaining the support of those the law is most intended to benefit. Indeed, the new findings show the uninsured feel worse about the law than the public at large. Thirty-five percent of Americans approve of Obamacare and 47 percent are against it, according to Kaiser.



10 thoughts on “Another Example of the Effects of Dumbing Down

  1. The reality is that the overwhelming majority of cases where someone claims they paid MORE for insurance turned out to be rightwing funded LIES. People who never checked the exchanges, etc.

    Let the dumbshits pay the penalty; Obamacare is not going away, and it IS succeeding. Some of the more stupid will come to it later than others, but they will come.

  2. I have a very old friend who employed as a temporary type is a jr high school teacher in Brooklyn. What does he do when he isn’t teaching? He’s a sellfemployed software developer who really doesn’t have many career possibilities as a 60 year old…I co wrote rock music with him and played on many of his projects when we were both younger…in fact the last time I played on stage in NYC, in 1997 was in one of his projects, but ;he’s been living a pretty marginal existence, very lucky to have inherited the rent controlled apartment in Sheepshead Bay he was born in. For the last few years, he has been dealing with health issues that have made his precarious situation more and more apparent. Not poor enough and not affluent enough, he relied on neighborhood clinics. I got an email from him last week extolling his new Health Care plan…for the first time, he can afford decent medical care….He’s not the only one I know who has benefited from the ACU….It’s not perfect, but even this morning, I read that the over all costs of health insurance in America has dropped considerably since the inception of the program. I have a cousin in Indiana who is pretty nutty conservative catholic hypochondriac. She has problems that don’t even have labels, ut she is spending thousands of dollars of her husbands money trying to find out what they are. We had been out of touch for years and suddenly, she found me in France and now sends me crazy religious tea party rants and tries to engage me in arguments about the myths she has embedded in her withered skull about the flaws of Frances medical system. To me she, is the perfect example. There is no logic. There are no arguments to counter irrational belief. She knows!

  3. Sorry, I posted this before I was finished….She knows! But what does she know? I wish I could express what I think of her blank wall warped mirror perception of reality. I told her I refused to discuss this with her any more.She is getting another new doctor who will gladly drain her bank account to deal with her still undiagnosed vague fatique and achiness….I tell her, honey, you’re 63 years old and you have to take care of yourself. But obviously, that isn’t the answer she wants to hear. Another Mai-Tai and a Novena chsaer anyone?

  4. I’d say one of two possibilities. One, they don’t know what they don’t know or, two, they lend their brain to right-wing media several hours each day.

  5. The fringe is spreading around so many outrageous lies about The Affordable Care Act, we need to start spreading some truth.

    I’m not going to tell about some friend of a friend or even a friend. I’m going to share my own personal experience as a resident of The Great State of Ohio.

    At forty years old I was financially comfortable enough to retire. The one downside was that I had to purchase my own health insurance. COBRA plans only run for 18 months. (The NUMBER ONE cause of all bankruptcies is medical bills!) For years my monthly premium increased every year for what I considered a very basic plan. In 2013 my monthly premium was $2,071.00 per MONTH. Last June I suffered a bad fall in my home, but refused the ambulance that was called because I was afraid of possible high medical bills. After three weeks of intense pain I sought medical attention. They had to operate immediately so I wouldn’t be permanently paralyzed on my right side. My health insurance covered some of the medical bills, but would pay nothing for prescriptions or the rehabilitation. By Thanksgiving, I had bills running over $7,000.00. So much for a comfortable retirement.

    In October I received a letter from my insurance company saying my plan was being canceled after December 31, 2013. At first, I did not go to the exchange website because of all the bad press. I finally went and did not have a lot of trouble, but I checked with the insurance company directly to compare prices for identical plans.

    I now am paying $730.38 per month for much better coverage (gold plan, platinum is for people with kids). And for those naysayers that say I must have had a pre-existing condition, I DID NOT. My only “pre-existing condition” was that I wasn’t in a group where the rates are negotiated.

    1. Jeff, thanks for the comment. Those to whom the article refers must be terribly gullible to actually believe the negative advertising and comments about the ACA. Gullible or under control of right-wing media. Actually BOTH factors is how the right-wing maintains control of the House.

  6. This AM I heard an interview with a voter in Florida’s special election. When the reporter asked whether the ACA made a difference in determining her vote. ” I didn’t sign up,” she said,”but I heard bad things about it.”


  7. It seems the ACA stands or falls on the younger people enrolling, and they are not…Some one has to pay the difference of Jeff’s previous $2,000 per month policy and his ACA policy now. And it’s the young enrollees who have to pay the inflated difeerence for them.
    Look guys, put the blame where it belongs, Obama and the Dems 2009-2010. They pure d’simple refused single payer and sold all out to BigPharm.
    the AHA,the insurance companies, and the GOP. They compromised and got not one GOP vote. AND, then they sat on and did no PR…as the GOP tore it up. Obama and the DEMS betrayed us. All for some stupid theory of bipartisanship. All the problems that the single payers prophesized in the debates are just coming home to roost!

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