If a UFO Assessed the Inhabitants of our Planet

Imagine the following scenario. The first UFO arrives. It truly arrives. The ship is the size of a small continent and it parks in low earth orbit for all to see. It is utterly amazing. A super-intelligent alien species emerges – thousands of aliens beam down to interview the human species. They do an assessment of the planet. What they discover shocks them:

3 billion of of the people on the planet are destitute.
There are 10 million children dying of easily preventable causes every year – things like starvation, thirst, cholera.
Billions of people lack any form of health care
Environmentally, we are raping the planet in hundreds of ways. A mass extinction event is looming on the horizon, yet we appear unmotivated to do anything at all to prevent it.
Humans are constantly at war, constantly killing one another.
We have enough nuclear warheads to kill all of humanity many times over, all loaded into rockets that we could launch at a moment’s notice.
In many cases and at many different levels we seem unable to control ourselves or to stop ourselves even when we know we are wrong.*

* Marshall Brain, “The Meaning of Life”


1. Do they conclude that there is no intelligent life on this planet?

2. Do they think that there had been intelligent life but something bad happened to the species?



3 thoughts on “If a UFO Assessed the Inhabitants of our Planet

  1. Or #3: Make a quick call to the customer service number of the intergalactic janitorial service to let them know that they had been quite amiss in their contractual obligations in this obscure corner of the galaxy. An infestation of humans on Earth for 100.000 years is kind of like what happens when you don’t clean your refrigerator for a few decades……

  2. Actually, they would be the Vogons here with plans to build a hyperspatial express route that runs through Earth’s orbit. The plans for the route were apparently lodged in Alpha Centauri (a star system only four light-years away) for the past 50 Earth years, leaving residents of the planet “plenty of time to lodge any formal complaint.”…..and apparently no one took the time or the trouble to do so.

  3. To quote Marvin, the paranoid android, “The first ten million years were the worst. And the second ten million… they were the worst too. The third ten million I didn’t enjoy at all. After that, I went into a bit of a decline.”

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