Racism in Southern Governors

It ought not to be surprising that there is vestigial racism in the South and elsewhere in the U.S. That line about “…liberty and justice for all” rings hollow. Always has. Think about the Affordable Care Act which, by the way, now has 4,000,000 adherents. The map below shows in gray color the states which have not expanded Medicaid to their citizens under the ACA. Note the Confederate South.

Why would the governors of those states not accept the offer by the Federal government to pay for Medicaid for its poorest citizens? Why indeed? Could it be vestigial racism because many of these poor citizens are minorities? African Americans and Latinos? THOSE people?

Racism in the Republican Party. Pure and simple. Racism!



5 thoughts on “Racism in Southern Governors

  1. Why? Because you know “the rest of the story”‘ i.e., the Federal Government only pays at 100% at FIRST,,then the states start paying.
    Another one of those Damn Federal mandates, and states don’t trust the Federal government to keep its promises. Third, it is considered interference with States’ rights…and not connected to your racism cry.
    Even your government of Ohio refused to accept it at first.

    BTW, Obama said it would be 7,000,000. Biden just this week apologized for not achieving the 7 million! up AND, it appears so far that there is a substantial unbalance of older and younger signing on, older more so than younger. The finances collapse if not more younger sign -up. That’s what you get with Obama caving to the GOP for bi-partisanship and then not having one GOP in either House saying aye, caving to the Hospital Association, and Big Pharma! Who the hell do you think your kidding?
    So much for yourBack-peddling to support a conservative GOP developed health program? So much for your liberalism, eh? Do you think that it would make you a racist if you criticized the ACA?

    1. Do you think that it would make you a racist if you criticized the ACA?

      Depends on my motivation. The racists have a double barrel target: the black man in the White House and the black men on the street corner. Blam! Blam!

      What do you think goes through the heads of racists when they hear the phrase, “states rights”. Yea, you got it!

      “Federal mandate” conjures up the Civil Rights Act in these bigots, too. Federal troops sent in by Ike, Kennedy and Johnson to protect them ‘niggras.’

      Re “then the states start paying.” They’ll pay either that way or in the ER.

  2. Since health care/wellness is a natural right of citizenship, why should the states pay at all? As you well know the states have to have a balanced budget, unlike the federal government. After the federal government backs off the states have 3 choices: drop those previously added, cut benefits for
    all, or raise taxes.

    I say let the Federal Government pay. Obama doesn’t!

    Interesting, I supported Obama only because of Supreme Court appointments. 2 years done and 2 to go and no openings. If another year goes by and/or the Senate flips this year, he will have no appointment!

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