Stem Cell Rejuvenation of Muscle Cells: Can Methuselah be Next?

Researchers have pinpointed why normal aging is accompanied by a diminished ability to regain strength and mobility after muscle injury: over time, stem cells within muscle tissues dedicated to repairing damage become less able to generate new muscle fibers and struggle to self-renew. Scientists identified for the first time a process by which the older muscle stem cell populations can be rejuvenated to function like younger cells. –ScienceDaily

Therefore, the logical jump here is this: if muscle tissues can be repaired and rejuvenated, the next step would be brain, heart, lung, liver… Why not? It is no longer science fiction but a merely logical progression of scientific research. Are ethical values therefore in jeopardy? Do we face religious and/or political resistance? Who will stand in judgement? Will fundamentalists fight such human interference with ‘God’s plan?’ Perhaps Heaven will have to be delayed!



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  1. Do the answers to your questions center on the question of where the stem cells are harvested? If its embryos, then probably yes, you think?

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