Just Imagine a Right-Wing Boob in the White House

This afternoon I caught the joint news conference between France’s Hollande and President Obama. At one point the question of the war in Syria arose. I was astonished at the long and deep answer that President Obama gave.  It was replete with statistics and nuance as if it were from a political science university professor.  I thought of George Bush during the reply and shook my head in dismay. Then I tried to picture some bumpkin like Rand Paul or Ted Cruz standing next to the French president. I nearly gaged at the thought!

yet there are millions of Americans who would replace President Obama in a heartbeat with one of those right-wing boobs. The thought paralyzed me!


16 thoughts on “Just Imagine a Right-Wing Boob in the White House

  1. It is almost impossible to conceive except in a rather dark fantasy fictional reality of the world we would have been living in if John McCain and Sarah Palin had won that election. Hey, how do you guys like our playboy prez? There was some pretty hilarious commentary and reportage from the program Le Petite Journal this evening. They have a great reporter traveling with Hollande and their little troupe did a pretty funny little sketch about the potential awkwardness arising from Hollande’s personal life.

    1. btw, this is officially the internet day of protest against government surveillance. The Day We Fight Back. If you google it, you can go directly to their site. WordPress is one of the many organizations sponsoring it. I have a neat pop up banner on my blog that lets you add your name to the ever mounting numbers of people supporting it. The last time I checked there were almost 200,000 signatures since it went up this morning. The banner will disappear tomorrow morning.

  2. MD, M_R can’t support your campaign against government surveillance because Mr. Obama, his
    hero, supports increased surveillance.

    1. I would then assume, UtF, that you will be cheering the idiotic libertarian Rand Paul who will today, in another political stunt, Sue the President. The jokes just keep rolling on…

    2. President Obama has disappointed me, but I still trust him more than any President this century or most of last century. If our President thinks we need increased surveillance, then he must have a REALLY good reason. I voted for the man because I trust him a hell of a lot more than certain other persons. I have no other choice but to believe he knows something more than we do.

      (It’s not like he invaded another country based on made up facts or anything.)

      1. Glad to have you back, NWO, and I fully agree. I have more trust for President Obama than any previous president back to Eisenhower.

      2. All politicians are born to disappoint by nature. I live in a country with a Socialist Party in charge, but they daily disappoint me. It’s a Symptom of the Systems we have to change….I try to chart political trends…where change is actually taking place on a real level…the only country that has really done anything worth noticing is Iceland….but then again, it’s a lot easier to have a real democracy in a little place where the entire population is only a few thousand more than the entire elected US Senate and House of Representatives and the autonomous State governments of the USA combined. We really have to upgrade the Operating System….

  3. Depends on what the President is being sued for. Don’t we still have a Presidency that is UNDER the law and not ABOVE the law? Are you supporting tyranny now for a Democratic Presidency?

  4. Yep!….It has come full circle… you know, the “not a dimes worth of difference between a Democrat and a Republican”, and now you
    validated it.

    1. You know, I anticipated that remark, lol! Lets say Democrat in name only.
      You know very well what I am saying… If you think that people like Stennis, Eastland, Thurmond, et all, and Wallace were Democrats , there is a serious lack of understanding of the southern culture.

      1. Wello, they were in the Democratic Party until the northern Dems forced them to leave. Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are part of the GOP as is Susan Collins. Do you think this northern Republican likes having to share her party with the likes of these two boobs?

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