Restaurant Assn. in Collusion on Minimum Wage

from the New York Times

WASHINGTON — Just four blocks from the White House is the headquarters of the Employment Policies Institute, a widely quoted economic research center whose academic reports have repeatedly warned that increasing the minimum wage could be harmful, increasing poverty and unemployment.

But something fundamental goes unsaid in the institute’s reports: The nonprofit group is run by a public relations firm that also represents the restaurant industry, as part of a tightly coordinated effort to defeat the minimum wage increase that the White House and Democrats in Congress have pushed for.

“The vast majority of economic research shows there are serious consequences,” Michael Saltsman, the institute’s research director, said in an interview, before he declined to list the restaurant chains that were among its contributors.

The campaign illustrates how groups — conservative and liberal — are again working in opaque ways to shape hot-button political debates, like the one surrounding minimum wage, through organizations with benign-sounding names that can mask the intentions of their deep-pocketed patrons.

They do it with the gloss of research, and play a critical and often underappreciated role in multilevel lobbying campaigns, backed by corporate lobbyists and labor unions, with a potential payoff that can be in the millions of dollars for the interests they represent.


So, big business collides with ‘research’ companies to hoodwink The People. And right-wing media broadcast the lie and their absorbent-brained followers repeat the lie and fiction becomes fact.

By the way, do you know who was once the president of The National Restaurant Association?

hint: 999


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  1. The minimum wage and poverty are to different issues. People confuse the two, but they are really two distinct issues. The minimum wage is not a living wage. The problem is really not wages!

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