North Carolina’s Moral Monday Movement Kicks Off 2014 With a Massive Rally in Raleigh



On February 1, 1960, four black students at North Carolina A&T kicked off the 1960s civil rights movement by trying to eat at a segregated lunch counter at Woolworth’s in downtown Greensboro. Two months later, young activists founded the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee at Shaw University in Raleigh, which would transform the South through sit-ins, Freedom Rides and voter registration drives.

So it was fitting that North Carolina’s Moral Monday movement held a massive “Moral March” in Raleigh today which began at Shaw University, exactly 54 years after North Carolina’s trailblazing role in the civil rights movement. Tens of thousands of activists — from all backgrounds, races and causes — marched from Shaw to the North Carolina State Capitol, where they held an exuberant rally protesting the right-wing policies of the North Carolina government and commemorating the eighth anniversary of the HKonJ coalition (the acronym stands for Historic Thousands on Jones Street, where the NC legislature sits).

This from Bill Moyers


The day began cold and cloudy, a fitting metaphor for politics in North Carolina last year. Since taking over the legislature in 2010 and the governor’s mansion in 2012, controlling state government for the first time in over a century, North Carolina Republicans eliminated the earned-income tax credit for 900,000 North Carolinians; refused Medicaid coverage for 500,000; ended federal unemployment benefits for 170,000; cut pre-K for 30,000 kids while shifting $90 million from public education to voucher schools; slashed taxes for the top five percent while raising taxes on the bottom 95 percent; axed public financing of judicial races; prohibited death row inmates from challenging racially discriminatory verdicts; passed one of the country’s most draconian anti-choice laws; and enacted the country’s worst voter suppression law, which mandates strict voter ID, cuts early voting and eliminates same-day registration, among other things.

The fierce reaction against these policies led to the Moral Monday movement, when nearly 1,000 activists were arrested for nonviolent civil disobedience inside the North Carolina General Assembly. Rallies were held in more than 30 cities across the state and the approval ratings of North Carolina Republicans fell into the toilet. Sample signs at Saturday’s rally: “OMG, GOP, WTF. It’s 2014, not 1954!!!” “Welcome to North Carolina. Turn Your Watch Back 50 Years!


8 thoughts on “North Carolina’s Moral Monday Movement Kicks Off 2014 With a Massive Rally in Raleigh

  1. There you go again, lol! Worrying about another State rather than your own State of Ohio. Other than attending university, have you ever been a resident of another State? NC is another history lesson for us? Have you been to NC and MS?

    It seems your minimum wage post is much more in line than your posts on MS and NC.

    1. All I know is what I read in the newspaper, my friend or, these days, on TV and from the Internet. As you may know, The GOP-controlled legislature passed severely draconian election laws which are aimed at rural blacks. Although poll taxes and literacy tests have been stopped by the Federal government, states have the ‘right’ to impose voting laws of their own design. The result of these new laws is similar to poll and literacy tests. The Old South looks a lot like the New South.

        1. Ohio’s GOP-controlled legislature has 4 bills limiting voting rights awaiting movement to the full chamber. They will most likely pass but the governor is up for reelection this Fall. These are the same voting issues that were pulled last year because the GOP didn’t want to face a citizens’ referendum on the ballot negating these draconian measures. The GOP is stalling so that a referendum would have little time to garner signatures before the May deadline. Clever political move, eh?

          Does NC have the citizen referendum right?

  2. Last night one of the shows equated the pending OHIO anti-voting legislation
    with Florida, NC, and horrors of horrors (LOL) wit OHIO

    1. Of course Ohio’s GOP is working ‘fast and furious(ly)’ to deny the vote to blacks. Duh! What’s new? Yet, as Ohio’s Constitution permits Initiative, black activists in the state are circulating a petition to redress each GOP Bill limiting voters’ rights. Today I read that Ohio’s Sec. Of State is “questioning” the language on that initiative. Gosh, really? Who’d have guessed that

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