Far, Far Right Tactics

A not-too surprising study was released today that rated members of Congress on their relative position on the political spectrum. Grumpy men sit on the right and wide-eyed optimists sit on the other. No surprise there.  Yet in the discussion  of positioning, it is to be noted that few sit near the fulcrum. Republican Susan Collins is closest but there is great emptiness between her and the next Republican. In fact, most cluster way down near the end.

What is becoming  more clear year after year is the swelling cluster at the right end. Seating there is at a premium. Hard right is desirable- a safe seat. Trouble is, seats just inches to the dreaded left are unstable, vulnerable even. So, what’s a congressman to do?

The answer is clear: move right. Or, apropos here, ‘Go Right young man!’ Even John McCain isn’t right enough. Of course he committed a mortal sin in ’08 when he defended Barack Obama’s citizenship and heritage.  Tisk! Tisk!

Not conservative enough, his critics shouted.  Imagine that!

Old guys with a moral compass and years of wisdom are in danger in the new Republican Party. Today’s ideal man for the job is in his 40’s or early 50’s, strong A-type personality, tough-guy who takes no prisoners. Like Rep. Grimm from Long Island who threatened to break a reporter ‘like a boy!’ That’s what today’s GOP is looking for. Far, far right and oh-so nasty.

No more Mr. Nice guy.  This is what the base of the new GOP wants. Kick butt! Oh, and a Christian too!

The problem facing right-wingers  these days is that the ‘issues’ have all been played out. All Republicans are on their conservative issues. The few differences are only a matter of degree. Whoever can be most draconian has a slight advantage but not to a point of clear distinction.

Rather I suggest that ideology no longer makes a difference among the GOP politicians. I think it boils down to nastiness. Yes, nastiness. Whoever can slur President Obama the best wins. Ugliness prevails. The President, that uppity black man in the White House, the illegitimate one, the Muslim, the Kenyan. He’s the target and the more hits on him, the better the odds of a congressional seat for these new Republicans.


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  1. I am reading Charles Dickens these days and I’m somewhere in his novel Martin Chuzzlewit….There are two characters with that name in the novel. One is an aging wealthy miser who is convinced that his money is the downfall of everyone around him and his young nephew. The young Martin ends up leaving England for America in 1843. The America young Martin discovers, through the eyes of Dickens, who had himself come to America a few years earlier has too many parallels with the America I know today to be mere coincidence. He describes the character, the violence, the celebration of ignorance, the hyperbolic sensationalistic press which everyone occupies themselves with, disdaining books and literature, the fixation with material gain and the American political system all too realistically for comfort. Most of the Teabrains would find life just fine back in 1843. They might even like it better. Guns, duels, knives on the floor of the House of Representatives. The bigger the bluster the better the representative.
    I have been telling people here that the biggest problem with our Socialist president, Francois Hollande is not his policies. It’s his style. In spite of the vitriol directed against Obama, he’s still regarded favorably by much of the country. No one really judges him for his policies, it’s him. The man has style and charisma. Hollande has negative charisma. No matter what good he does, he always manages to look like he is so uncomfortable and out of his league that he writes the jokes for his critics. That’s all the folks really can deal with….who looks better on the front page of People Magazine. I guess we are pretty lucky that Ted Cruz is still such a dutz.

      1. Well, it seems to me the real conservative issues are still there, such as
        smaller federal government, expansion of states’ rights, lower taxes, and entitlement “reform” are the crux of the conservative program.

        What is interesting is the new obstructionist path they are taking. It’s that they can’t support any legislation as Obama can’t be trusted. They accuse
        Obama of changing laws that congress passes, so it’s no use in legislating.
        Isn’t that what Boehner said the other day?

        1. That being said, UptheFlag, then it’s over, isn’t it? Our governance system is at last finished. Two hundred thirty years is a long run. What remains is simply, what next? Anarchy? Rebellion? Fascism?

            1. I hope that somebody ‘out there’ takes up the torch, but, fro where I sit, the bearers are few and the flame flickers.

  2. mudrake, I agree with you 100% here. I was horrified by the defeat of the unemployment compensation extension by just one vote! That one vote was supplied by your GOP Ohio Senator. This was a deliberate destructive act that will sabotage the economy on many levels! Boehner announced yesterday that Immigration reform would never have a chance in 2014. Of course, this illogical destructive course is pandering to an ignorant extreme fear driven electorate. That’s why I thought the reference to 1840’s American politics was quite relevant. Patriotic hypocritical bluster trumps logic every time with the masses. Perhaps Marx referred to religion as “the opiiate of the masses”…patriotic political manipulation of fear is the Opium of the Asses….
    UTF is correct in his criticism of Hollande…the Socialists are fighting a propaganda battle against a militant hardcore right wing. They’ve done some pretty good things, but in such a disorganized and illogical fashion. As the opposition moves farther to the right, Hollande waffles and stiffly struts about backtracking on ideas and promises he made when he was elected. The far right parties have no real concrete ideas or solutions to the very real problems we face, they are like jackals and vultures circling road kill trying to snatch gobbets of bloody flesh.
    Here in France, I would like to see the Socialist Minister of the Interior, Manuel Valls, run against Hollande for his party presidential nomination in 2017. He is openly more conservative than Hollande, but at least he is a calm, rational man who is probably now the most popular political figure in France. He has the personality and charisma to inspire the voters. There is a war in the major opposition party, which has been drifting farther and farther to the right for years now. The spectre of Nicolas Sarkozy trying to make a Public comeback. Again, it’s a case of “we got you into this mess so we are the only ones who can get you out”. My biggest fear is that the growing distaste for both parties, the Socialists and the UMP will give power to the Front National when a disgusted electorate abstains in an election, because we know when that happens, it’s the extreme crazies that can inspire their mobs to get out and elect them. That’s how the TeaBrains took over states and congress in the USA. At least we don’t have FOX here. It couldn’t exist, but the conservatives and the religious fascists are learning a lot from America

    1. it’s the extreme crazies that can inspire their mobs to get out and elect them. That’s how the TeaBrains took over states and congress in the USA. At least we don’t have FOX here.

      Yes, indeed. We all know, er…correction: most of us know that Fox is an arm of the Right-wing. Sadly most of those who lend their brain to Fox fail to get it- that they are the ignorant asses who carry the message of the right-wing propagandists to their small group of like-mindeds. The propaganda is most excellent mainly because the loyal subjects will argue that they are NOT the objects of propaganda. Perfect!

  3. MD, enjoyed your remark to M_R about his Ohio Senator Portman vote.
    It seems M_R prefers to join discussion groups rather than participating in
    electoral organizing campaigns to actually affect change. A few months ago he was chatting about his ACA group, now we hear nothing of it. He is apparently satisfied with Portman’s conservative vote after conservative vote,
    as he is with his congressman Latta…..

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