Where Has all of the Money Gone, Long Time Passing

Where is the combined wealth of the American People? There was a time that that wealth floated through the fingers of quite a few citizens, perhaps an innumerable number. Today, that still holds true for the middle class and lower classes. My $40 at the grocery store goes to the baggers, cashiers, stockers, truck drivers, management and farmers, packers, distributors and bankers. In the lower classes, $4 takes a much shorter route, perhaps not leaving a neighborhood for quite some time if ever.

But what of the $4000 in the pocket of the upper middle cladsds? Where does that money go? Straight to Wall Street and into some sort of fund, spirited away for ‘safe keeping.’ No one outside of the funds manager gets hold of the money. It exits circulation.. Worse yet, what about the $400,000 from that privileged 1%, secreted away in a bank account in Luxembourg, perhaps. Not a single American touching the money. Not one.

Compounding this problem is the fact that the middle class and its resources are dwindling and quickly. That $40 or $400 may not be available so readily for the grocery store, the hardware, the restaurant or the mall. Then what?

Who is raising up this problem? Where is it on the agenda of our politicians, the Media?

There the crux of the problem.  It is the result of the serious political divide we face. One party, the Democrats, tepidly raise the question of the unfair distribution of wealth in this nation while the other party, beholding to business interests and some libertarian fantasy, sees the ‘problem’ as laziness wrapped in socialism. Adherents to right-wing media nod mindlessly, naturally. But where is middle America? Do they not see this terrible threat to the stability of our nation? Are they disconnected or, rather, too connected to their wireless devices to even think about it?

How long can this growing disparity go on without some reaction? UptheFlag, what examples from history can you cite that may help us understand the consequences of such an economic reality?


6 thoughts on “Where Has all of the Money Gone, Long Time Passing

  1. This is not a good time for thinking about things I can’t control..Have more immediate issues here to deal with in the next 14 days.

    However, I don’t think a listing of when people rose up to demand change is the real question. the real question is in your fifth paragraph.

    the question is around taxation on one hand and government giveaways
    on the other. Was there income inequality between the Old Westend section
    of Toledo, that Collingwood area West to
    about Detroit, and our families old neighborhood of Cherry-Noble-Page-Kenilworth. You bet there was! How
    did our families escape that area? Well, they weren’t lazy. They went out and became educated, searched daily for jobs, and a World War happened
    that provided on all levels for making the united states the arsenal of democracy. That paradigm no longer exists despite the efforts of the congressional-military-industrial complex votes of Latta and Kaptur.

    The answer to your statement is god knows what.. Your right, very little
    attention from the media. All MSNBC seems to think is that New Jersey
    is the center of the united states, night after night, seven days a week.

    Where are David Cay Johnston and Joseph Stigletch? No wonder we have the LIV! Scandal is much more sellable apparently than pocketbook issues

  2. I’m not even trying to manage any longer. You know what I mean. Why try?
    Been there done that for 40 years, but they all march to a different drummer!
    Can’t reach them!

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