Is Georgia Governor Deal a Climate Change Denier?

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal is up to his ankles in snow controversy after his failure to act on the U.S. Weather Service warning that snow and freezing rain was imminent in his state.  As a result of his inaction, thousands of motorists were stranded on Georgia highways.  School children were forced to sleep at school for two nights after the storm hit. He said that he was sorry.

But the sorry came after he blamed the weatherman. Yes, he blamed the weatherman- that they had not really forecast what eventually happened to his state. What a bloke! By the way, the Weather Channel is located in Atlanta.

The good ole boy governor might in fact be a climate change denier. You know, those boneheads who listen to right-wing media to get their ‘information.’ Jackasses!

Four things got my attention in the past several days regarding climate change. The Georgia ice storm, the extremely serious drought in California, the Polar Express grip on the upper Midwest and the death of penguins. Yes, the penguin chicks are dying at an inordinate rate in Antarctica, caused by, scientists say, climate change.

The drought in California will be a huge story in a few weeks, I predict. Especially when it hits the pocketbooks of American shoppers at the grocery store. We never seem to pay attention until something hits our wallet. In this the wettest season of the year for California, farmers are finding bone-dry soil in the Central Valley,  the so-called salad bowl of America. Cities have only 60 days of water left and there is no rain in sight. The mountains have scant snow which, when melted, will trickle into dry reservoirs. The Dust Bowl of the 20’s threatens California.

Yet the climate-change deniers go on ranting. Here’s my question: why do they deny it? I mean, what’s in it for them? What do they hope to gain through the denial?  I’ve never been able to figure that out.

Any ideas?



4 thoughts on “Is Georgia Governor Deal a Climate Change Denier?

  1. Of course, the recent ice storm may “disprove global warming” for him.

    The problem with climate change is that there will be a drastic change of lifestyle–especially in the US.

    1. Yes, very true but, as you well know, Laci, the RQ [reality quotient] here in the US is in double-digits. And, as long as a whole swath of our fellow citizens lend their brain to right-wing media each day, the situation will fester until BOOM! Then there will be the question, ‘Gee, who’d have guessed?’

  2. You would have guessed if u read the bible, revelation says drought is a sign of the approaching “end time”. See, the bible tells us so!

    1. Sure it does. The problem for the Bible is that there is no expiration date for the so-called prediction.

      Here’s my prediction: a deadly typhoon will sweep away the damned!

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