Jeb Bush Wants More Charter Schools

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This week is recognized as Charter Schools support week.  The conservatives
are all in support of ending public schools with charter schools and vouchers.
One person in support is Jeb Bush, a frequently mentioned possible candidate
for President in 2016.

For a good education, Bush writes, “…the only solution is empowering parents
so their children can no longer be taken for granted.”  “Empowering” to
Bush means passing enabling legislative action and providing vouchers.


11 thoughts on “Jeb Bush Wants More Charter Schools

  1. “The conservatives are all in support of ending public schools with charter schools and vouchers.”

    Of course they are. It’s those God Damn Unions. It’s all their fault.

  2. Why would the right-wing be against public school? Let me brainstorm.

    1. Keep ’em dumb and we can bamboozle them all throughout their lives;
    2.We can bring the Bible and God back into the classroom;
    3. Local control of curriculum means teaching our values;
    4. No interference from the Federal Government;
    5. Operating expenses will be lower because regulations will be cut;
    6.Salaries lower because of non-unionized teachers and non-unionized non-teaching staff
    7.teachers’ unions support Democrats
    8. We can deny entrance to ‘those people’

    Unfortunately for the right-wing, they will need to change the constitution in the states of the ‘northwest territories’ before they can do away with public schools as public education is intrinsic in the state constitutions of Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota. Others as well ‘west of Pennsylvania.

    UptheFlag, does the constitution of MS demand public schools?

  3. Here is the Education Article of the Mississippi Constitution:


    Sec. 201. It shall be the duty of the legislature to encourage by all suitable means, the promotion of intellectual, scientific, moral and agricultural improvement, by establishing a uniform system of free public schools, by taxation, or otherwise, for all children between the ages of five and twenty-one years, and, as soon as practicable, to establish schools of higher grade.

    Sec. 202. There shall be a superintendent of public education elected at the same time and in the same manner as the governor, who shall have the qualifications required of the secretary of state, and hold his office for four years and until his successor shall be elected and qualified, who shall have the general supervision of the common schools, and of the educational interests of the State, and who shall perform such other duties and receive such compensation, as shall be prescribed by law.

    Sec. 203. There shall be a board of education, consisting of the secretary of state, the attorney general, and the superintendent of public education, for the management and investment of the school funds, according to law, and for the performance of such other duties as may be prescribed. The superintendent and one other of said board shall constitute a quorum.

    Sec. 204. There shall be a superintendent of public education in each county, who shall be appointed by the board of education by and with the advice and consent of the senate, whose term of office shall be four years, and whose qualifications, compensation and duties, shall be prescribed by law; provided, that the legislature shall have power to make the office of county school superintendent of the several counties elective, or may otherwise provide for the discharge of the duties of county superintendent, or abolish said office.

    Sec. 205. A public school shall be maintained in each school district in the county at least four months during each scholastic year. A school district neglecting to maintain its school four months, shall be entitled to only such part of the free school fund as may be required to pay the teacher for the time actually taught.

    Sec. 206. There shall be a common school fund which shall consist of the poll tax (to be retained in the counties where the same is collected) and an additional sum from the general fund in the State treasury which together shall be sufficient to maintain the common schools for the term of four months in each scholastic year. But any county or separate school district may levy an additional tax to maintain its schools for a longer time than the term of four months. The common school fund shall be distributed among the several counties and separate school districts, in proportion to the number of educable children in each, to be determined from data collected through the office of the state superintendent of education, in the manner to be prescribed by law.

    Sec. 207. Separate schools shall be maintained for children of the white and colored races.

    Sec. 208. No religious or other sect, or sects, shall ever control any part of the school or other educational funds of this State; nor shall any funds be appropriated towards the support of any sectarian school; or to any school that at the time of receiving such appropriation is not conducted as a free school.

    Sec. 209. It shall be the duty of the legislature to provide by law for the support of institutions for the education of the deaf, dumb, and blind.

    Sec. 210. No public officer of this State, or any district, county, city or town thereof, nor any teacher or trustee of any public school, shall be interested in the sale, proceeds or profits of any books, apparatus or furniture to be used in any public school in this State. Penalties shall be provided by law for the violation of this section.

    Sec. 211. The legislature shall enact such laws as may be necessary to ascertain the true condition of the title to the 16th sections of land in this State, or land granted in lieu thereof, in the Choctaw purchase, and shall provide that the sixteenth section lands reserved for the support of township schools shall not be sold, nor shall they be leased for a longer term than ten years for a gross sum; but the legislature may provide for the lease of any of said lands for a term not exceeding twenty-five years for a ground rental payable annually, and, in case of uncleared lands, may lease them for such short term as may be deemed proper in consideration of the improvement thereof, with right thereafter to lease for a term or to hold on payment of ground rent.

    Sec. 212. The rate of interest on the fund known as the Chickasaw school fund, and other trust funds for educational purposes, for which the State is responsible, shall be fixed and remain as long as said funds are held by the State, at six per centum per annum, from and after the close of the fiscal year A.D., 1891, and the distribution of said interest shall be made semi-annually on the first of May and November of each year.

    Sec. 213. The State having received and appropriated the land donated to it for the support of Agricultural and Mechanical Colleges, by the United States, and having, in furtherance of the beneficent design of Congress in granting said land, established the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Mississippi, and the Alcorn Agricultural and Mechanical College, it is the duty of the State to sacredly carry out the conditions of the act of Congress, upon the subject, approved July 2d, A.D., 1862, and the legislature shall preserve intact the endowments to, and support, said colleges.”

  4. So, the answer is ‘yes.’ That’s great. By the way, brainstorm #8 is nothing new for the folks south of the Mason-Dixon, is it?

    1. Until 1956 maybe, as in that year, I believe, Ike opened up the Little Rock schools, and then in 1962, I believe, JFK removed Gov. Wallace from the school door. I know that doesn’t fit into your constant biases against the

  5. Muddy outlined a more in depth list of charter school faults. And as I can not disagree with any of them, I would just like to add my two cents to Muddy’s brainstorm’s.

    “1. Keep ‘em dumb and we can bamboozle them all throughout their lives;”
    From what I read and heard from friends who are teachers, this is 100% correct, but it gets worse. If you qualify for vouchers, you may still select to home school your kid(s). You then get to keep the subsidy.

    “2.We can bring the Bible and God back into the classroom;”
    This is also correct. Charter schools are a privately run system, so they do not need to recognize “Separation of church and state”.

    “3. Local control of curriculum means teaching our values;
    4. No interference from the Federal Government;”
    Yes, curriculum is not federally is not federal regulated in charter schools. A lot of people may frown upon Federal mandates, but wait until any behavioral issues arise. Then they may appreciate the regulations.

    “5. Operating expenses will be lower because regulations will be cut;”
    “Operating costs” seems to be a popular phrase with conservatives. But wait until you child can’t operate a computer. Better yet, wait until their retinas are strained from the poor lighting. Hopefully the kids are allowed to have bottles of water at their desks in the Summer, since there will be no AC

    “6.Salaries lower because of non-unionized teachers and non-unionized non-teaching staff”
    This one utterly fucking amazes me. Non union teachers are cheaper. And that’s what we want teaching our children during their most formidable years? The cheapest labor? Chances are that person teaching your child took out loans to pay $80,000 in tuition costs just to become qualified in the field of education. And now they should only be paid what? 30k a year, maybe 20k? Why not? let’s go ahead and let are tax dollars help fund the next “Bubble”

    “7.teachers’ unions support Democrats”
    DUH, wouldn’t you under these circumstances?

    “8. We can deny entrance to ‘those people’”
    True. Charter schools can deny or accept anyone “They” choose.

    The worst thing about charter schools in my opinion UTF, is that they are publicly funded, yet privately run. Now I have two questions for you UTF.
    Do you support Charter schools? And why?

  6. Hello Uptheflag,
    Ohio is the largest hand out of State Government Vouchers for religious & charter schools. In the National Testing of students these children whose parents did them the disservice of attending these sub par schools are testing well below the public school sector students in Ohio. These students are not showing proficiency, in fact well below, in reading, writing, math, and science.
    When it comes time for these children of such short sighted parents to compete in a global market, they are so far at the bottom that down would sure look like up to them. They are not going to be productive citizens of this country and will just be a burden to our society.
    What Jeb Bush is trying to selling IS THE PROBLEM, not the answer.
    What his type is doing to my Republican Party….he would do to the status and stature of our country.

    1. Oh my, “Ohio is the largest handout of State Government Vouchers…”
      Thanks for that information, Engineer. This will give M_R something
      to ponder as he tries to portray his glorious State of Ohio as a bastion
      of progressivism vis a vis the South abd Mississippi. Not a fucking dimes worth of difference!

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