After the Speech

President Obama delivered the constitutionally required ‘State of the Union’ speech last evening; the GOP gave three replies. For the 5th time, President Obama reached his hand through the cage hoping that the opposition would not, as in the past, bite it off! How brave. How nuts!

At several points he asked the recalcitrant Republican Party[ies] to work with the Democrats and him on legislation. Last year he asked for 40 opportunities to move the nation forward together. Two were accomplished. None was monumental.

Although a kid quickly learns not to touch a hot pan on the stove, it seems that this president is a surprisingly slow learner. Once bit twice shy doesn’t apply. Yet again he reaches into the fire. Do we praise him for such actions or give him a dope slap?

It seemed at one point during his speech that he ‘got it’ when he told the GOP that 40 times was enough. He referred to the 41 times that the House had attempted to defund the Affordable Care Act. “Present your plan,” was the gist, “and we can see…” Plan? What plan?

The ‘official’ response was delivered by a woman! Yes, a woman. A fireplace, a fallen-soldier flag, sofa and “God” four-times.
Oh and husband and babies. The reason that she was selected was to counteract the ‘war on women’ claim of the Democrats. She showed well and spoke well and was pleasant. Sadly, she said nothing. As usual, no plans, merely theory.

gop response

Would women bond with her? Hard to know. Christians will for sure with the ‘God’ mentions. Military perhaps. Marriage- seems perfect- is that typical of American women? Are women looking for substance or style?

President Obama made a few in-your-face statements such as the one about vetoing new sanctions on Iran. He clearly resonated with people who are fed up with endless foreign wars. Minimum wage too. I was disappointed in the light emphasis on jobs- specifically infrastructure. For crying out loud, infrastructure repairs not only are sorely needed but will create millions of jobs.  Doesn’t he know this? Jobs! Hello??

Well, the rhetoric has ended and the sun rose once again.

Now what?


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