Pop Quiz……………….

I am a politician whose gender is male. I am bi-racial. I studied law at Harvard. My Mother is white and was born in America. My Father is brown and was not born in America. I hold duel citizenship.


Who am I???????????????


11 thoughts on “Pop Quiz……………….

      1. “There are many “colors” of Cubans and I don’t think Cruz’s father would be considered brown.”
        Well maybe he’s not brown Bud. But being latino, maybe he’s a light sandy beige? I mean, I’m not really white. I’m more of a peachy apricot.

        “It is also NOT President Obama:”
        No it is not. The article you linked even states that Obama’s duel citizenship ended in ’84. I should also add that Cruz wasn’t born in America, and according to the link, Obama was.

    1. He’s the Tea Party darling junior Senator from Texas. He was born in Canada. Die hard Conservatives will spend the next two years explaining why he is eligible to be POTUS and Obama should be imprisoned. Should be fun.

  1. One of the reasons I support John Hanger for PA governor is that he was born in Kenya. I can say “I voted for the dude who was REALLY born in Kenya.”

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