Why America should be wary of progress……..”Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.”

 Truer words have never been spoken Sir Isaac Newton. And we Americans have proved it time and time again with our progression.

 Industrial Revolution? Yeah that was us. What did we do? We revolutionized manufacturing. We turned refining oil into gasoline. We reinvented transit and commerce. We reinvented banking. We invented the assembly line. We forced men to work for slave wages while dying an early death at the average age of 39. We caused many “work place incidents”.  We invented “capitalism” and “greed” at the cost of lives, and human suffering. But at least we were progressing.

 The reaction? Well, on a negative note we introduced this world to pollution. We introduced  speculation. We introduced class warfare. On a positive note, we introduced the world to Unions. We introduced the world to the middle class. We introduced the world to regulations and Governmental organizations such as OSHA and the EPA. OHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How Evil. But what’s destroying this country? Is it the action, or the reaction?

 Have we progressed past the point of common sense? When we speak of the GOP and the Tea Party, it’s easy for us to see the divide between “Them” and “Us”. They are Conservatives that want to go back to the “Good old days” All we want to do is progress into the future, right? Because progress is good. We are the reaction to their action, or are we? I am now going to paste an article that I recently read.

 According to an agitated poster in Reddit’s “gaybros” forum, high school senior and Sean Cody model “Noel” has allegedly been suspended and will not graduate this year after several of his bareback flicks found their way onto the principal’s desk.

The poster, who identifies himself as the cousin of Noel’s classmate, claims the budding gay porn model (and certified hottie) has been “severely bullied” since fellow classmates discovered his side job and instead of helping, school administrators have suspended him for 10 days for “causing a campus disturbance.”

His suspension will allegedly lead to “an automatic failure from absences,” and he will not be able to graduate come June.

The post continues:

Several students planned to protest by wearing support shirts, making posters, and skipping a class. The principle [sic] is threatening to automatically expel any student who joins in.

Uh, where’s the ACLU in all of this? An of-age gay porn model partakes in a completely legal activity off school grounds, and the school decides it has the authority to ruin his life? Sorry, Mr. Principal, that’s not how life works.

Or, as the top-rated commenter puts it:

A public high school is required to accept all students within its attendance boundaries and while it can suspend or expel students for disciplinary problems, it cannot punish students for lawful activities. For example, high schools cannot punish students for drinking or smoking in property not owned by the school district provided the students are abiding by federal, state, and local law as well as any lawful restrictions imposed by the property owner.

From what it sounds like, the school is punishing “Noel” for participating in a lawful activity which some of the students, faculty, and staff don’t believe he should legally be allowed to do. The latter isn’t “Noel”‘s problem and it’s the [public] school’s job to make sure that he is not harassed during the time he is on school property or participating in school sponsored activities.

Assuming this is a public school, the ACLU will likely want to get involved and the school could possibly be sued for violating the Equal Protection clause of the 14th Amendment. As there is no requirement that one be gay/bi to work in gay porn, any lack of a nondiscrimination policy concerning sexual orientation should not be an issue.

Let’s get on it, gays! A certain principal’s days are numbered and we can’t wait to plaster this sucker’s face all over the Internet next to the words GAY PORN.

Full story here: http://www.queerty.com/high-school-principal-suspends-sean-cody-model-for-porn-work-wont-let-him-graduate-20140118/#ixzz2rHcojqO7

 The action? For anyone who might not know me well enough. I am an LGBT activist, which all started when a close family member came out to me as being gay. Prior to that, I never gave much thought to homosexuality. I could honestly care less if a man wanted penis or a woman wanted vagina. But after the whole coming out shit with this kid, I felt compelled to act and I would like to say that I was a very small part of making gay marriage legal in Illinois.

 Anyhow, you read the caption. It was copy and pasted everywhere on FaceBook. I read one where a girl commented, “If I were his parents, I would sue the shit out of that school”.  My family member posted a message saying, “This is what’s wrong with America”. And he included a link to this pasted article. After reading it, I decided to do a little experiment of my own. I chose ten people. Five female, five male. Five Republicans, five Democrats. I forwarded the article from Queerty and asked their opinions and it was shocking. 

 The five “Conservative” friends preached to me about Jesus, the horrors of homos, and how this kid should have been expelled. The five “Progressive” friends all told me that the parents should sue for discrimination. Did you read me? Sue for discrimination.

 PROGRESS! There you have it. We have finally gotten to the point in this country where websites dedicated to all sorts of minorities outnumber white supremacy. But did we really progress?  You read the article, I hope. I copied and pasted it after all. And maybe you saw it on Facebook.

 Now for the reaction. I wasn’t surprised by my “Conservative” friend’s reactions. Reason being? They are Jesus retards……….What surprised me the most was the Liberal reactions. Or should I say Progressive? It’s the schools fault? His parents should file a lawsuit! Really asshole? The one thing I have never heard in this debate. The one argument never raised, why is a high school kid doing porn? It wasn’t on Facebook. It wasn’t in the Queerty article. And it was never asked by the ten people I communicated with.

 That is how far we as a country have progressed. One side argues against homosexuality, gay marriage, and this high school retard. While the progressive side defends his homosexuality. Defends gay marriage. Defends his porn.

 So, the equal and opposite reaction of industrialization? A huge group of people picking between only two political parties. One side saying, “That’s disgusting, he should be expelled!” While the other group screams,”He did nothing wrong, the parents should sue!”

Let’s remember, This is a seventeen year old porn star.

19 thoughts on “Why America should be wary of progress……..”Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.”

  1. I’ve been away all day; will comment tomorrow…

    I’m rested and my brain is clear(er).

    “But what’s destroying this country? Is it the action, or the reaction?”

    Both are if the thought process is closely linked to ideology as JOB pointed out with his sample of 10 people he polled. Trouble is most of us operate in that clan mentality of ‘them’ and ‘us.’

    NYTimes editorialist Ross Douthat’s latest piece talks of the bipolar thinking here in the States. http://www.nytimes.com/2014/01/19/opinion/sunday/douthat-at-last-conservative-reform.html?ref=rossdouthat&_r=0

    Of course it slants towards the ‘red’ bipolarity but nonetheless raises the political problem of the two clans in American politics.

    As Douthat points out, the modern version of the GOP is short on substance and built on obstruction, branding the party as reactionary and little else.

    So, JOB, there is at least one thought on your question: ‘what’s destroying this country? Too few ideologies.

    1. “So, JOB, there is at least one thought on your question: ‘what’s destroying this country? Too few ideologies.”

      Very good possibilty Muddy. Or maybe so many that we forget the most basic of values?

      1. Let me add #2. Apathy among the public. The People no longer care. Why? Because those over 50 have experience our government representatives as both liars and incompetents.

  2. Hello Muddy,
    I’m sorry for going sort of off topic, but until I get my site up and going again, I have to pass this on.

    In my early 20’s, I served in the U.S. Navy and was deployed to South America. I spent time in Argentina and Chile during the time of the military juntas’ control.

    I saw the results first hand of the ultra conservative mindset from these military juntas in both Chile and Argentina to the general population of those countries.

    As everyone is the sum of their life’s experiences, this is one of the major reasons why I have to speak out against the ultra conservative movement going on in our country today. I have seen, and know where this all leads if left unchecked.

    So today I want to remember a poet who challenged his country’s military dictators. Juan Gelman died at age 83 at his home in Mexico City this week.  

    Juan Gelman was an Argentine poet who became a major literary figure throughout Latin America and in Spain.  He was known for his fight against the military junta that ruled Argentina in the 1970s and ’80s, and for the personal tragedy that came from that.

    His daughter was kidnapped and tortured.  His son and daughter-in-law were killed.  And their child, Gelman’s granddaughter, was taken and given away for adoption. 
    Gelman finally located her in 2000.

    As I passed on last Sunday on the internet radio program, “Here be Monsters,” “The Sunday Show,” “When you think of the long and gloomy history of man, you will find more hideous crimes have been committed in the name of obedience than have ever been committed in the name of rebellion.”

    So I will conclude by saying there are many truths of which the full meaning cannot be realized, until personal experience has brought it home.

    1. ” you will find more hideous crimes have been committed in the name of obedience than have ever been committed in the name of rebellion.”

      Absolutely true, Engineer. One has 2000 years of religion to probe the point. Not only thousands of gallons of spilled blood but untold mental anguish as well!

      It takes a poet to speak truth to power. They always do.

      One of my favorite lines comes from Emerson. I often use it when confronted by mindless warmongers. He wrote, ” When a whole nation is roaring Patriotism at the top of its voice, I am fain to explore the cleanness of its hands and purity of its heart.”

      This was especially evident in this nation in early 2003 when the Bush cabal incited this furor among our citizens.

      Mob reaction. Idiocy gone wild.

      1. “One has 2000 years of religion to probe the point. Not only thousands of gallons of spilled blood but untold mental anguish as well! ”

        Have you now renounced your Catholicism ? I have.

  3. Engineer writes above ” you will find more hideous crimes have been committed in the name of obedience than have ever been committed in the name of rebellion.”

    The American Revolution was a leftist rebellion, as was the French Revolution, as was the U.S. Civil War, as the Russian Revolution under Lenin and Stalin and there henchmen, and as the China Mao Revolution.
    All were bloody revolutions! My point is that violence is not just found on
    one side of the political spectrum.

  4. I have absolutely no problem with other people’s sexual preferences as long as they don’t go beyond “sexual preferences” and become psychopathic behavior that threatens others. My reservation is brush that paints a broad stroke. It goes beyond the limits of gender specific behavior. I realize that most people like to look at pornography and it is a very lucrative endeavor for a lot of people. For most people, looking at pornography is a release….it can be an addiction but so can so many other things. What is pornography?
    People are addicted to images of violence. People become gun fetishists. There is a point where sex and violence, control and domination become very confused. We live in a world that makes images very selectively available. If you out law one form of access, humans being the creative creatures they are, will only create another. If you ban one sort of imagery or sexuality, then you only give it an aura of curious mystery, you make it all the more fascinating. Russia officially bans any sexual inclinations that seem not to conform to their definition of normal, but according to to the internet, Russia is one of the biggest sources of homosexual pornography on the planet! In a recent interview on the Russian pogrom against homosexuals, Vladimir Putin really gave himself away with his explanation stating that men had to be protected from their basic nature. On the other hand, Mary Matalin’s slightly demented appearance on Bill Mahers, Real Time last week kind of skewed everything, when she stated that all many of her gay friends thought that Vlad was really hot…..
    Russia exploits homosexual panic as a fascistic politically manipulative tool. It’s like spirit of the classic anti Nazi piece, first they came for the gays, then the bisexuals…then the….?
    The school board should give it up, because the kid in the piece will win in the long run if democracy and our legal system is allowed to function as it should. He will get his high school diploma one way or another. He will probably win monetary damages from the school board. I have and have had so many gay friends and relatives that I am so proud of. I have seen what they have had to go through in our society. This is not a religious theocratic fascist state yet, though there are many who want to make it that way. I will fight for their rights.

    1. Been there, and on the receiving end of their psychotic lesbian and gay behavior. The restaurant industry is rife with it. Senior management to
      store owners refuse to take any action out of fear of legal action. What I witnessed and endured would be pornographic if I wrote it here!

  5. BTW, I think J.O.B.’s bottom line “call the wahhbulance” question at the end of the piece is totally irrelevant. It totally comes down to what you define as porn….if making bucks by letting people look at your body is how you define “porn” then the crux of this discussion should be “How do you define Porn” soft core, hard core, straight, gay, bi, sado mascho? a little bondage, some snuff stuff? Or the latest crop of pop music videos? I could post images and clips from mainstream primetime French Network Television that would instantly push the porn detectors of certain portions of America into the red or off the meter all together, but this is cultural. It isn’t the image, it is the conditioned mentality of the society that creates specifically what it regards as “porn”.

    1. Department of One More Thing: When I was 9, there were 2 sisters on my block in Detroit who would lure me into the bushes and give me a quarter if I would pull down my pants…did this make me a child porn star? I would like to think so, any way, I could always count on them for a trip to the A&W Rootbeer stand on Schoolcraft Ave.

      1. Ha! Good laugh. One early memory I have is of a year-older female neighbor who told me to pee behind her garage. After she watched, she told my mother, denying any culpability in the ruse.

      2. Sorry Bud, it doesn’t make you a porn star. But it sounds like a couple little girls were on their way to sociopathy………LOLOLOL

        1. actually, it was a pretty normal kind of American sociopathy….they both married and had normal families. It was probably pretty good for my pre teen ego. You might be on the verge of becoming a concern troll here…I think this subject is a little difficult for straight white guys to deal with. It takes balls for non gay men to speak out about gay issues. This kid was 17 years old. In most societies, he would be mature enough to make decisions about who he is. I’m sure he got paid well for what he does, and like so many “stars” you hear about and then disappear…they go on to do something else….except here, the stigmatization and hype he has to deal with might be more detrimental to his evolution than if his career hadn’t been outed by concern trolls who just had to express their outrage and make it their business to try to destroy the kid….he’ll survive, and he might be a stronger person for the experience, let’s all hope so.

  6. “BTW, I think J.O.B.’s bottom line “call the wahhbulance” question at the end of the piece is totally irrelevant. It totally comes down to what you define as porn….”

    Sorry you feel that way Dottie, but you have proved my point. You are so blinded by your progressive mind set, that you aren’t seeing what I see. You look at this story and you want to discuss what is and isn’t porn? Maybe this kid’s right to artistically express himself? We can also discuss gay rights and how this school may be infringing on his civil liberties. But I think we may be on the same page with all those topics.

    My issue? I don’t read that story and think of what the school did. Nor do I read it and think about this kid being gay. I read that story and think, why does this child have anything to do with porn? And that was the point of my comment to you regarding your progressive mind set. It’s not meant in a bad way my friend. The world needs people like you and muddy and EOK and UTF. It balances things out with the retards. But what bothered me is that the general liberal public has become so progressive that when they read the Queerty story they immediately go on the defensive on this kid’s behalf. About him being gay, the LGBT movement, the school, and this kid’s civil rights. But not a single mention of why this kid is in this position. Does he have parents? Does he live on the street doing this to survive? Did the school investigate this kid’s homelife.

    I don’t know my friend. Maybe it’s just me, the over protective Father who has seen what happens to kids that start down this path. I truly hope that he’s just a gay kid expressing his artistic mind. I’m cool with that. I just can’t help but think he may also be a kid who is in a shit situation, and when he needed someone’s help the most his school just suspended him. All we can do is hope that everything turns out okay for him.

    1. J.O.B….your last comment is so weird…why because you straddle the issue without taking any kind of definitive point of view…you want to prove that anyone defending this guy is a blind “librul” but on the other side, you seem to have some sort of compassion and comprehension of what the different sides of the issue might be. I know the world needs people like me, Muddy, UTF and EOK! We need people like you! We need compassion, understanding of true human nature. I keep saying that belief is the end of knowledge. When you stop asking questions, when ideology conquers curiosity, that’s the dead end of intellect. I keep telling my wife, the day I think I really believe anything is the day to take me out in back of the barn….I could not judge this situation until I knew the facts and your link left a lot of questions unanswered…the people who have passed judgement and and are letting their outrage condemn this kid have made it their mission to destroy him. I only hope that this will make him stronger and I hope he sues the shit out of the school and gets the fuck out of the hateful little cul-de-sac he has to live in.
      I lived in a world that passed judgement on me and I had to deal with the perceptions of the little community I lived in when I was a teen….It made me stronger, it opened my eyes, I made decisions at an early age that opened the doors to a world I would have never known or knew existed. It made me want and gave me the impetus to strive for something completely different. You can only do so much to protect a kid from reality….you have to know when your fears are creating walls and a prison for the mind of the one you are trying to protect. It works both ways, but I’m sure you know that.

      1. “J.O.B….your last comment is so weird…why because you straddle the issue without taking any kind of definitive point of view…”
        You may be right Dottie and I often get that complaint from my better half. My point of view is quite simple. I don’t care that this kid is gay. As long as he is happy in his life, no one should care. I just hope that he’s doing this because he wants to, and not because he has to. I would hope that he has parents or some other adult figure(s) in his life that supports his needs. But there is a possibility that he’s doing this because he has to. And that’s my cross to bear. I don’t know if it was due to my upbringing, failed marriage, or whatever. But I admittedly always think of the worst case scenario. So my position is that I hope this kid’s life is going good and that he is involved in porn by choice and not necessity. And what frustrated me the most WAS the homosexual factor. I would feel the same way for this kid if he was involved with straight porn. Would the people on Facebook? Would you? Chances are no, because we never would have heard the story. And that’s what PISSES me off. All the people that took interest in this kid’s story didn’t see a kid. They saw a GAY kid. And that’s the jest of my question. Have we progressed to the point that we as a people overlook basic morals?

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