3-D Graphene

Most people don’t know about 2-D graphene, but that is no longer important because scientists have now discovered the 3-D version of the substance.  Think of graphene as superdense, ultrathin charcoal. Graphene is prized for its electron-moving process through which electrons race at many times the speed at which they move through silicon, the substance used in microchips.

This from ScienceDaily- These novel properties [of 3-D graphene] can be a boon for future electronic technologies. Future  systems can also serve as an ideal platform for applications in spintronics.

Spintronics!  For the layman, “spintronics, or spin electronics, refers to the study of the role played by electron spin in solid state physics, and possible devices that specifically exploit spin properties instead of or in addition to charge degrees of freedom.”

Sure. It’s all about speed.  Seems that civilization has always strived for that physical property of motion. One might question the speedometer of a new car; why does it go to 130 mph when the speed limit is 70?, but nonetheless, it exists in theory at least.

How fast is your Internet service? How fast is your computer? Instagram. Remember when a computer ran off of telephone wires? Remember when there was only one telephone in the house- a shared line with some neighbor?

How many Americans, do you think, know much about science and technology?  How many ended their interest in the subject when they walked out of their last science class in high school? How many know more about Genesis than the solar system?

From the 1967 film, The Graduate:

Mr. McGuire: I just want to say one word to you. Just one word.

Benjamin: Yes, sir.

Mr. McGuire: Are you listening?

Benjamin: Yes, I am.

Mr. McGuire: Plastics.


Graphene; the new plastic.



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  1. So, you are like the bulk of America who don’t give a damn about science, innovation and technology? Just feed them mindless sit-coms and sports. Then watch their brains atrophy.

  2. Writing about “science” is going to do nothing to advance humanitarian
    benefits of science. We see how science and all Presidents, Dem and GOP,
    have harnessed science to threaten our freedoms and liberties. President
    Obama has done more than any other President to lessen our liberties than any other President, as it looks now. His speech yesterday is simply a

  3. Continuing with the “apocalypse” bible study…last night he said that we
    will have the opportunity to be baptized according to the law of Jesus Christ,
    i.e., immersion. He seems to be against all the organized churches. It’s all
    follow the savior and not the old laws of the bible, of churches, and of priests,
    ministers, and pastors.Christ is the good news as he established his cchurch
    and those that follow it will be save, aothers will perish. Sounds like your kind of religion, M_R?

    1. No. You might tell the preacher that Jesus never intended to form a new church. And while you are at it, tell him that Jesus never intended to be a ‘savior’ either!

  4. It seems the preacher has anticipated such queries. He probably would respond by asking your sources. Then he would say his truth comes from
    the word of god in the bible and use Genesis, Daniel, Isaiah, Leviticus,
    Matthew, and concluding with Revelation. He will trace the “coming of a
    savior” from Genesis thru Revelation. Anything in opposition is “scoffing”,
    and the word is in prophecy. Because he is speaking to the choir, there
    is no denial of his proof. There is no way to ask for clarifications.

  5. Hello Muddy & Uptheflag,
    As I am 60, educated and,working in science based positions most of my adult life, I am always interested in the latest science advancements.

    Muddy, thanks for bring up the subject as I do intend to follow up and read more to educate myself. The day I quit learning the latest science advances, is the day they put me in the ground. My only regret is I can see the possibilities of where science technologies can take us, but I will not live long enough to see them come to fruition.

    So Uptheflag I have to respectfully disagree with your statement of, “who in the hell cares.”. With each and every science advancement. I can see our future. There can be bumps in the road but for the most part it will be a wide open frontier.

    1. What I meant is the “who” refers to commenters on here, not across the
      world. My response to the concept of “scientific advancement” is that
      can be good or bad. Is the nuclear age a good?

      1. Is the serious decline in employment caused by technology, such as robots
        and now tablets in restaurants instead of servers, worth it? Only increases
        the “takers” that your employment taxes are paying for. I guess if people
        are willing to give their hard earned money away and be away from their
        family to do so, then technology full speed ahead and the more takers we will be supporting with Ponzi schemes.

        1. Your standard of living has only improved due to technology. Or do you prefer paying three maids instead of using a washing machine?

  6. We are at a disadvantage, M_R, as when we were younger there was little
    reading of the bible in our catholic education. Indeed, the church was against reading the bible. We were to memorize our catechism, pray the
    rosary, wear our scapulas, and be good little altar boys That was religion!
    “who made us, who goes to heaven” only catholics ! I am going to this
    closed religious end time biblical show to see how they set it up.

    1. “,,,wear our scapulas…”

      We wore them but always thought that was not the proper way of using them.

  7. M_R, you wrote recently that the recent gone astry Ohio execution was good for the victim as he got what he deserved.

    Today, The Cleveland Plain Dealer responded:

    “There are those who question why anybody should have sympathy for the way McGuire died because he obviously had none for pregnant, 22-year-old Joy Stewart while he raped her and then stabbed her to death in 1989.

    But that misses the point. Opposition to McGuire’s demise should not be construed as disrespecting Stewart’s memory or her family, or letting McGuire off easy. It’s about whether Ohio’s methods — including using an experimental drug cocktail on McGuire never before employed to execute a human being — constitute cruel and unusual punishment that the U.S. Constitution forbids.

    In our view, they do.”

  8. M_R: My apocalypse seminar finally reaches the MARK OF THE BEAST/
    666 tonight. Would you like to listen in? It will begin at 8:10 Toledo time.

    It will perhaps give you more insight into what we face, meaning the persuasive speech of ministers and the rote acceptance of their members.
    Would like to have you post about what you hear and how the group responds.

    1. How will I ‘hear’ him from 1400 miles north? Further, tell the preacher that a life- long friend of yours regularly stops at Kroger gas and puts exactly $6.66 worth in his 20-year-old car–just for the HELL of it. I’m serious!

  9. Well, you have my number so call. I’m sure you could hear him thru the sspeaker.

    Ummm, why would some one stop for gas an only put 2 gallons in with it
    10 degrees out?

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