More Corporate Welfare

Would Joe Schmoe like a tax deduction of 32%? Ha! Sure he would- in his dreams. Who gets  THAT kind of special treatment from the IRS? Who? How about JPMorgan Chase? Yes, that one. The financial institution that nearly pushed our entire economy off of the cliff.

It seems that the large fine they were forced to pay- the $13 billion- is tax-deductible. Yes, tax-deductible!  Our treasury gets screwed out of $4 billion of that fine. Four billion? Where could we use that money? I’ve got some ideas.

Two U.S. senators, Tom Colburn and Elizabeth Warren have introduced a bill to eliminate the loophole. What are the odds that it passes?  Why would a senator vote it down? Why indeed!


13 thoughts on “More Corporate Welfare

  1. As long as you as the prime mover and I as the receiver continue in this way, we both are like that dog chasing his tail and never catches up to it.
    It seems to me, seriously my friend, that they depend on us of receiving
    their “propaganda” and then bantering about it which enables them to win
    the game. The ONLY way to change is to organize to defeat each one on
    election day

    In 1974 the Republic Party was given up for dead, right? What happened?
    The retired from the fray so to speak, took a step back, reorganized, and in
    1980 they were back in the saddle again for the next 12 years. History, my
    friend, shows us the way!

  2. How am I going to share my nightly classes on the “apocalypse”?
    Another interesting personal connection, the presenter’s grandfather
    was born in ND and attended the university where I taught. He went
    on to become the chaplain of the U.S. Senate. Why me, M_R?

    1. LOL, M_R, Your response shows that your conservative upbringing
      and religious indoctrination is still inherent and affecting you in spite
      of continuous religious venting. The sign? You capitalized “Him”!
      Do you still bow when you drive past a catholic church?

      1. Yes I bow and if I wear a hat, I tip it. I’d genuflect if walking and enter, dipping my hand in the Holy Water before kneeling in a repentative posture. I might even whip myself with flagilative rope too.

  3. Why you? Because Jesus wants you in Heaven, beside Him, so that the two of you can talk history and politics. But wait! Do you speak Aramaic?

  4. Going to report on a dream I had last night. It begs the question,whether dreams may forecast the future. In any event my dream was very real,
    clear, and tragic. The dream was the fiery crash of the First Lady’s airplane.
    I have never had a dream like this. I woke up with a start, and my heart
    is pounding. I have been up since 3AM. Reflecting, I can think of nothing
    that was in my psyche to say stimulate such a dream. I have never dreamed
    about such an event. The only difference in my life is attending these lectures on revelation and the apocalypse. Could that trigger a dream as this? Strange event for me!

    1. Surely, your dream was a result of the brainwashing you are subjected to at those religious meetings. Imagine the poor saps sitting around you who give their entire brain to the preacher! I’d say that events like this are in the same category as water boarding in their effectiveness.

  5. A man was tortured to death legally today by the liberal, lol, State of Ohio.
    The following is a report from NBC News:

    “An Ohio man who raped and stabbed to death a pregnant woman became the first person executed with a previously untested two-drug cocktail on Thursday, and witnesses reported he gasped for air for up to 15 minutes.

    Dennis McGuire — whose argument that the new protocol could cause terrifying and agonizing air starvation were rejected by a federal judge earlier in the week — was pronounced dead at 10:53 a.m.

    An Associated Press reporter who witnessed the execution wrote that McGuire, 53, appeared to gasp several times and made several loud snorting or snoring sounds during a “prolonged” execution.

    His stomach rose and fell several times as he repeatedly opened and shut his mouth — his adult children sobbing from a few feet away as they watched, the AP reported.

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    Another witness, Columbus Dispatch writer Alan Johnson, reported McGuire “gasped loudly for air for about 13 minutes prior to his death,” his chest heaving and his fist clenched. “Deep, rattling sounds emanated from his chest.”

    Ohio adopted the new protocol — a combination of the sedative midozolam and the painkiller hydropmorphone — after the manufacturer of the old drug, pentobarbital, stopped selling it for lethal injections.

    Richard Dieter, executive director of the Death Penalty Information Center, which opposes capital punishment, said the reports from the death chamber could lead the state or the courts to scrap the new method.

    “This doesn’t sound like it was a complete disaster but they don’t want anything that even has the appearance of someone suffering or a delay in death being carried out,” Dieter said. “This is going to be looked at with good concern.’

    Dieter said it is not unheard of for an execution to take 15 minutes or even longer, but if the prisoner was physically struggling much of that time, it could be seen as cruel.

    “This sounds like more discomfort than they would want in carrying out an execution,” he said.

    McGuire was convicted of raping, sodomizing and slashing the throat of 22-year-old acquaintance Joy Stewart, who was eight months pregnant at the time of her murder in 1989.

    In a bid for clemency last month, McGuire’s lawyers argued that he had been mentally, physically and sexually abused as a child, which affected his brain development.

    After the Parole Board turned him down, McGuire tried to get his execution halted on the grounds that the two-drug method might lead to a condition called “air hunger” before his actual death.

    The court rejected the argument even as it acknowledged that his execution would be an “experiment” that could go wrong.

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    McGuire had also asked Gov. John Kasich to delay his date with death by offering to become an organ donor, but the request was turned down because he didn’t identify any family members who could benefit.

    The condemned prisoner who was supposed to be the first person executed with the new cocktail, child killer Ronald Phillips, won an eight-month reprieve by asking to donate a kidney to his mother and his heart to his sister. The state is studying the feasibility of that.

    McGuire was moved to Ohio’s death house on Wednesday and was given a last meal of roast beef, toasted bagel with cream cheese and onion, butter pecan ice cream, fried chicken, potato salad, fried potatoes with onion and Coca-Cola, officials said.

    He was was awake all night talking on the phone and writing letters and had emotional visits with his son and daughter and other family members. He declined breakfast and a shower on Thursday morning.

    The Associated Press contributed to this report.”

    Give me the “Pontius pilate” excuse story, M_R

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