Who is Most Important

The diagram below suggests a communication network among several people engaged in a certain task.  From top to bottom time decreases as does forward progress.


1.) which person, A, B, C, D or E is most important to this group; why?

2.) which is least important; why?

3.) name an event or situation where this model is or was in operation.



4 thoughts on “Who is Most Important

  1. As you know I have been attending a revival, with the topic of the APOCALYPSE.
    Hold on to your hat, M_R. This is what happened last night. As usual there is an opening and closing prayer. The prayers ask that the lost will find Jesus that night. In the prayer he says that there is some one who has fallen
    away from the teachings of the Star of Revelation, and they will receive a sign that Jesus Christ is the savior. At the end of the program I hurried
    to the car and headed out, got on the Intersate, and IT happened!

    Shortly, I noticed an 18 wheeler gaining on me. I was going 65, and it is
    gaining on me! As he drew closer, I saw some lights on the front of his truck
    in the grill part. Due to the initial distance apart, it looked a straight line.
    At one time he even flashed his brights with no reason to do so. Uh huh!
    Making me wonder. I keep glancing in the mirror and he is getting closer.
    By now I am able to make out what the lights were on his grill. I look up for the last time, and he is almost right on my bumper it seemed, too damn close. He finally moves ovefr and passes me. The “IT” my friend? A
    pertectly lit in gold lights, crucifix! Is that my redemption call?

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