The Curse of this Nation

Last evening PBS presented a marvelous program on NOVA detailing the search for planets outside of our solar system- planets which might have the same properties of ‘life’ as those we experience on our planet. The Kepler space telescope has found  2,740  planets just in a small section of our own galaxy. In them, 207 are earth-size. Of those many fall within the ‘Goldilocks Zone.’ Two seem to possess large oceans and are near twins of our earth in size, type of star and distance from that star.

Here is the small section of the Milky Way that Kepler has studied:


I wonder how many Americans can name our 8 planets? How many can name 5 of our 8 planets? I wonder how many know the difference between a planet and a star? How many think a star and our Sun are different? Science knowledge is not a bright spot in many places in the Land of the Free. Considering that 77 percent of American adults believe in the existence of angels, our lack of scientific knowledge ought not be too much of a surprise. Add to that, 60% believe in the story of Noah’s ark and a global flood as true!

Yes, it’s the Bible again. It has become, in my opinion, the curse of this nation. Scientific data takes a back seat to what was written 2700 years ago. Seriously. Besides the bible-thumping preachers spewing their ignorance, Right-wing Media tap into this demographic and exploit them in political ways, surreptitiously connecting religion and politics in order to drive their ideology.

Take this news item as a prime example of my hypothesis: “Already no stranger to controversy, the Rev. Robert Jeffress, a Dallas megachurch pastor, is coming out with a book that claims President Barack Obama is clearing the way for the Antichrist.”

Jeffress, head of the 11,000-member First Baptist Church of Dallas and the church owns and operates a school, a college and several radio stations.

There it is in black on white.

Stupidity raised to the high heavens.


9 thoughts on “The Curse of this Nation

  1. I wish you would “stand hitched”, as they say in Texas. One minute you are railing against rote memorization, and here you are suggesting it by naming our planets…..

    1. That wasn’t the theme of the post, as you well know.

      Let me ask you a question re the heart of MS. Outside of Jackson and it’s burbs, do The People there 1. know how uninformed they are and 2. are they proud of it? I refer to that group of Dems with whom you meet to discuss politics- the group who continue to frustrate you.

      Are they, too, dumbed-down with a biblicaly-cirrhotic brain?

  2. I really don’t know the easy answer to that. But lets reverse that question and ask about the people of Ohio outside Toledo, Cleveland, and Columbus.
    The majority of Ohio citizens outside those areas seem to vote the same way, don’t they, and signed into law by a GOP legislature and Governor. Not really much of “a dimes….difference”. Is there really a difference between the MS and Ohio Secretaries of States? Both GOP and both
    propose to undo earley voting and limit voter participation! Ohio is a red
    state, so is MS. Worry about fixing OH, and not MS; your “bucket” is up in OH! Ask those questions at your county Democratic meeting……

    1. My Democratic Party hums along perfectly well, my friend. None appear to have bible-soaked brains and they know how to win elections in Lucas County.

      My question to you was directed at your county Democratic committee which, you report, is dysfunctional. The question is: do you suspect that their dysfunctionality is directly related to their bible-soaked brains?

  3. “clearing the way for the Antichrist.”

    Yep, I’m going to a bible meeting on the topic for the next 5 nights. It is a
    biblical prophecy seminar, because the “time is near.” It is called The Apocalypse of Hope” seminar, being sponsored by the Mississipi Realtor
    Institute and held at their place of business.

    Nightly titles are “New World Order” and the mark of 666, “On the Verge
    of Apocalypse” and the growing global turmoil, “Beauty and the Best” and
    understanding the prophrcies of Daniel and Revelation, “Three Angels of
    the Apocalypse” and have greater peace about the return of the Lord,
    and concludes with “Plagues Upon the Land” and God will act soon.

    The textbook to be used is the bible, and we will be given a bible and biblr study materials, “Praise the Lord!” There will be special interest on the United States in biblical prophecy. Should I pick up a bible and study
    materials for you, M_R.?

    1. Yes, brother, please do! Let me know if I must repent in order to get to heaven or could I put a few $100 in the collection plate instead.

  4. So far no mention of repentance, and there was no collection plate, lol.
    stimate that the
    There will be 20 classes, not the five originally advertised. Have to attend the first 10 classes to receive a bible!

    I estimate around 200 were there, 60% white and 40% black. It began with
    a prayer, a song, and handshakes to the people surrounding you. It closed in one hour with a prayer and another song.

    We were told up front that we were there not by accident, but because God
    ordained me to be there. That God planned our life before we were born.
    Weare saved because God means what he says, and will be raised from
    our resting places when Jesus returns, which is imminent. Our God is
    awesome and his word is true. We see the word of God in all the
    political, economic, and social turmoil. We have “one world government,
    one global economy, and social unrest is world wide.” all the puzzle
    pieces are coming together now.

    It was Reagan And Pope Paul who planned the end of communism and
    Soviet Russia. God had foretold all; this is his Word! The GOOD NEWS
    is that God’s people win. We are approaching the climax, but we must be loyal to God and accept all his words. The “new world order’ is coming
    soon and God will rule.

    History is God’s foretold story! The Bible is the source of all history and the
    blueprint of the future. He then read and interpreted Daniel 2:12-43, which
    show that all one world civilizations from Babylon to Persians toGreece to
    Rome and to Napoleon, German Kaiser, Lenin. have all fallen with only
    architectural ruins left. All have failed to form a new world order; God cannot be out maneuvered(Amens, hands waving in the air, and people jumping up and down).

    Now we have the U.N. and next is God’s kingdom under J.C., More amens,
    etc! Christ alone is the answer, more amens, etc. God will burn all the
    unbelievers and usher in 1000 years of peace. (end of first class with jumping with joy and group hugging!). Class two tonight!

  5. Sorry, computer acting up and erasing my notes of last night. Later! I have typed and retyped and all being erased, 90 minutes lost

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