In a few hours I intend to BREAK OUT! I’ve been cooped-up since Sunday morning. Our Level 3 Snow Emergency was lifted late last evening, permitting us to use the roads ‘for necessary’ reasons. I hope that I can plead ‘near insanity’ if stopped by the authorities.

The temperature has risen to 1 degree after it was stuck at zero for the past 24 hours, rising there from -13. I need to take care, however, that my skull is not rent open by an enormous icicle just above the rear door. It must weigh 10 pounds and is sharp as a needle!

Of course I have no idea if the garage door is frozen to the cement or if the engine will fire-up, but I’m determined to make an escape!

If I do get the car on the road I hear that they are mostly ice-covered and dangerous. Then there is the question of where to go. Around the block? In and out of my driveway? Anywhere will be fine. My psyche needs it. I’ve got to bust out!!

If you don’t see a follow-up to this post later today you can conclude one of 2 things: I’m frozen in my backyard, face down, car keys clutched tightly in my blue hand or two,  I couldn’t face going back and  I’m on my way to Arizona.


9 thoughts on “Escape!

  1. And on the other side of the Atlantic it’s over 60 degrees here in France, In fact we are having a rare sunny day. It’s been non stop rain here for a few weeks. Huge storms on the Coasts and lots of record flooding….But the temperature is un seasonably warm and the plants are acting very strange. I am very alarmed because if we have a real cold snap now, it will could be very dangerous for the plants that are actually beginning to set buds. That’s happened here 2 years in a row and it has been a catastrophe for the grape growers, I’m very lucky to live on a hill. The little streas in the valleys are all over their banks. I hope you make it back to read this! Bonne Chance, mon grand!

    1. I’m BAAAK! Thought about AZ but then I remembered how crazy the politicians are there and made a u-turn.

      Microdot- sad about that early warm spell. It can be devils tasting to plants and the farmers.

      Of course over here the Right-wing dolts are making fun of global warming with our polar vortex, but then…

  2. It is damning evidence of the elevation of level of ignorance in America. They pride them selves on being ignorant. Anything that can’t be explained by a few stupid jokes is BORING! It’s as if climate change deniers are believing in a variation of flat earth medieval thinking…Aye, there be monsters and demons every where oncew you step out of the safe confines of Kansas. The drought and record breaking heat in the rest of the world doesn’t exist because they just plain can’t conceive of anywhere farther than the commute to the local shopping mall.

    1. The King of the Ignorant Lot, Limbaugh, told the dolts who cede their brain to him for the duration of his screed, that the term ‘polar vortex’ was “made-up by liberals to scare us.” Next day a meteorologist on NBC showed his 1955 meteorology book with the term.

      The problem, however, is that his clutch of dolts only watch Fox and therefore will continue to echo the lie throughout their entourage.

      Thus, Microdot, your charge is sadly correct.

  3. From a bit east of the Man, same temperatures have resulted in Lake Erie freezing over. First time in a long time that has happened. We may be able to revive ice fishing and driving over the ice to the islands for party time! Unfortunately most of their bars now close for the winter and the fish have fled to deeper, less polluted parts of the lake. If the annual algae blooms continue Asian carp may be the only thing that can live here.

  4. Darrell, your comment reminded me of a vivid memory from perhaps 1971? One freezing day, I went to Metzgers Marsh with a friend in my ancient Ford Econoline van. There were cars out on the ice as far as almost a 1/4 mile with ice fishing going on…My friend and I walked out pretty far and on the way back, we walked a different way…I suddenly realized that the ice looked quite different there…as I mentioned it, the ice under my feet gave way and I went through! I have a real mental image of being in under water, seeing the light coming through the hole I had feel through and then seconds later literally shooting out of the water and grasping solid ice and pulling my self out. My friend was amazed because he said I literally shot out of the water like a seal.Then we had to walk the rest of the way back to the shore…my clothes and hair were frozen solid by the time we got back to my truck and I started the engine. I used to do long distance bike trips in Upper Michigan, so I often took the ferry from St.Ignace to Mackinac Island then to Cheboygan and I would always here stories of how many cars disappeared forever through the ice as crazy folks would try to drive across the frozen straits from St. Ignace to Cheboygan where the bars were open. That also happened a during prohibition when people would go to Canada to buy alcohol and then try to drive across Lake St. Clair in the depths of winter…..

  5. We used to go out over the old Consul Bridge, and out route 2 to a place called Cooley’s Channel to go ice fishing on Erie. Ottawa River, out old
    Point Place way, was a great place to go ice skating and pick up hockey

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