In Eight Southern States

Senators From States With the Highest Unemployment Poised to Kill Unemployment Insurance Bill

“In eight Southern states—Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee and Kentucky—the long-term jobless rate is quite high compared to much of the rest of the country. Of the sixteen senators representing those states, fourteen are Republicans (with one Democrat in both North Carolina and Florida.)
That means not only higher numbers of constituents being hurt by the benefit lapse, but a bigger hit to the state economy”

uimap3Question:  What the hell is wrong with the voters in these 8 states? Are they THAT dumb?



5 thoughts on “In Eight Southern States

  1. Nice Democratic sourced map!

    So lets compare Ohio long term employed to many other states on the map with a lower long term unemployed rate. The result is 33 states are lower
    than Ohio. What’s wrong with Ohio. Do Ohioans like looking up the butt hole
    of all these other States?

    Is Ohio THAT DUMB?

    Booker T, Washington is his autobiography wrote over 100 years ago now in “Up From Slavery” that people need to cast their bucket down where they
    are, as one lowers the bucket to get water out of their well. You or I are not
    going to change the United States, so you need to think about casting your
    bucket down where you are in Lucas County Ohio. The only difference in
    your U.S. House Rep and mine are their names. They both vote as GOP
    members the same way. Are the voters in Lucas and Wood County THAT DUMB? You are not about to change Southern politics,
    culture, society, economics, or religion with all your venting.

    Just as I am doing, why don’t you become an active member of Dem Party
    where Latta is. I am getting “blooded” in my county Dem Party, but so what.
    What I mean is that we both are retired and self sufficient and don’t need to
    “kiss the asses’ of any one opposing our views. And, while the leaders try
    to cut me off, I am finding others nodding in agreement of what I’m

    1. So why do the voters in your state continue to elect the same Republican jackasses to state and national office? Must be their ‘faith’ in their Lord and Savior.


      Re your ‘efforts’ at the local level- they are seemingly as dumb as doorknobs!

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