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I have a link at the bottom right which includes the American Humanist Association. This Christmas season the organization received the usual set of right- wing, Christian hate mail. Many saw the story of the Humanist organization’s actions on, of all places, Fox News. Imagine that! The action was an attempt in stopping two public schools from endorsing the evangelical Christian organization, Operation Christmas Child. The organization suggested that the school choose a non- religious organization to help underprivileged children such as Toys for Tots.

Because Fox hyped the story to its right-wing, conservative Christian base, the usual knee-jerk reactions followed. Insults, gun threats, name-calling, 4-letter words and condemnation to Hell were included in angry emails to the Humanist organization. Just like Jesus preached.

 Here is a sample. See more at

Hate Mail #3: F*** all of you mother f******. I hope you f****** die. Mind your own business. If I ever meet any of you, I’ll kick your stupid a**. F*** off

-Richard S.


Hate Mail #2: I just came across your website. Please kill yourselves and everyone that follows your s***-eating ideals. Do the world a favor and kill your children as well.

-Monty F.

Hate Mail #7: I can”t believe you sons of b****** would take christmas away from little children. Don’t you idiots realize that the vigilante is going to crash on you’re a** and when it doe’s all hell will break loose! Look up, look down and watch out! (It’s going to happen)!!!!!

-Danny B.



Jesus loves you.

Where do you suppose these ‘Christians’ accumulated such hate? What message do they hear in their Sunday worship?



7 thoughts on “Christian Love

  1. It’s a cultural war, M_R. MyPaper reported today that according to the 2013
    census figures just released, the South again gains population at the expense of the North. Look, its 50 here and 0 in your area. BABY boomers
    like the southern warmth! Ergo, the North will lose more House seats if these figures until 2020.

    So, as long as we deal in venting and talking points, and take no positive
    action, we lose the war.

  2. The recent U.S. census bureau for the last year shows that the red states
    are growing faster than blue states. People are moving from blue states
    to red states, For example, Oklahoma grew 35,000. and North Dakota had the greatest gain. Indiana grew much faster than Ohio, Michigan, and Illinois. Huge challenge for progressivism! More evidence that progressives
    are losing the cultural war

    1. I’ll manage the cold up here because I don’t see Confederate Flags or Rednecks driving trucks with gun racks.

      You know, give something get something.

  3. I attended our monthly meeting of the county democratic party. I asked to
    propose a resolution but the chairman said it was out of order because only
    the executive committee can propose resolutions. On the 9th the executve
    committee holds it quarterly meeting. I asked if I can present my resolution
    at that time. He said no because only executive committee members can
    promise. The only possibility is if that committee votes to have a committee
    of the whole, but he would oppose such a request.

    The strategy is inaction, you see. Can have no grass roots agenda. He wants to financially support Democratic leaders in the Legislature from miles
    away from our area. He says that reform will come at the State/local level,
    and not from electing new congressional house members. It’s PolSci 101,
    lol! I was accused by a few members of not being a team player, and
    a Centrist. That MS is state rights state, so reform will be internal.
    Guess what I dropped then? Yep, ‘not a dimes worth of difference.” My
    resolution was that the county party supports a national raise in the
    minimum wage.

    What should I do? Do I attempt to split the Party? How?

    1. What to do? Be a thorn in their pompous sides. Ash, ‘How many of you saw the movie, ’12Years a Slave?” Ask, ‘do you like the more subtle version of Jim Crow you are living under by the GOP?’

      1. Stop casting stones at my windows, M_R, and look out your own windows
        and see the new jim crow laws passed by the GOP Ohio Legislature and
        signed by GOP Governor Kasich. My friend, “not a dimes worth of
        difference” of what the GOP MS Legislature and Governor passed and
        what the Ohio GOP Legislature and Governor passed! Why do you wish
        to divide when it is happening in your own front yard? As long as we bitch
        about it but do nothing, it will continue.

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