Tiny Homes for the Homeless




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        1. Are individuals and singles poor because they want to be?

          Of course not, but I’d bet that nearly every white person over 50 in the Bible Belt ‘believes’ that is true. You know the Protestant work ethic mixed with vestigial racism.

  1. I’ve lived in a lot of different kinds of places. Prefab modern cheap ass apartment complexes…squatting rent free in the magnificent turreted attic of a decaying victorian gingerbread house on the edge of the John Lodge Xway in Detroit for a year….living in a few incredible spaces in Lower Manhattan…at one point, I had a what must have been an 1830’s carriage house totally hidden from the street, accessible only through a warren of connecting hallways into my own secret world in The East Village… an entire 3 story building with a basement and heated with coal stoves…I was in a rock band at the time and the basement was a totally private sound proof reality ….there was a hidden world back there….forgotten grave yards, warrens of buildings that had somehow gone off the map…I was paying 500 bucks a month for a three story funky building with a stairway leading up to the second floor porch…we had a screen door off of the porch entering into the kitchen. The top floor…there were no stairways, only ladders and trap doors, had a sky light and another ladder which opened the trap door onto the roof. My band got to practice in the basement, un noticed full volume for a year, free. The last time I looked, this space was renting for well over $15,000 a month. It is now one of the most desirable places to live in America. My neighbor when I lived there was David Peel, who lived in another forgotten building….I ended up moving because I needed cheaper rent! I ended up on East 5th Street and Avenue B…when I moved in the land lord gave me 2 months free rent because I was the first white boy to move into the building…I paid $125 a month. I had that place for almost 25 years and the rent crept up incrementally. When I finally gave the apartment up in 2010, the rent was $600 amonth…now? well over 3,000!…. I hope they at least moved the bath tub out of the kitchen.
    I have to say that living in Toledo for many years was pretty incredible,..that’s where the prefab modern apartments were, but I ended up on Kenilworth Street for many years in an ancient oak paneled fantasy, with a real kitchen, dining room and pantry. We had a real fire place with built in oak book shelves with glass doors…the land lord, who lived on the top floor actually convinced me to give him art work in lieu of rent….I did a huge pen and ink drawing of the building that I had to cajole my drawing teacher (Dianne Addie) to let me have to give to my land lord (She wanted it for her professional collection)…it paid my rent for 3 months! My rent at the time for this 2 bedroom architecturally incredible historic apartment…I had a grand kitchen, a pantry, a dining room with a floor switch that rang a bell in the pantry, oak bay windows, a living room with a huge fire place and separate front rooms…I paid only $215 a month in 1978! Let’s talk about 2014 reality and greed now!
    And of course, My very best Wishes for the coming year to everyone, Mudrtake, your family, UTF, your family and every one connected with the blog and all they hold dear. 2014….It gets better because we will make it better!

    1. Thank you, Microdot not only for the New Year greetings, but for the history of your living arrangements throughout the years. I mostly ‘envy’ your present location in the ‘wilds’ of rural France.

      I send to you and your wife wishes for an excellent New Year.

      What WILL 2014 bring to all of us? I’m hoping for ‘normalcy,’ however one defines that.

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