Odd Catholic Republicans

Twenty-five members of the Senate and 125 members of the House name themselves as ‘Catholic.’ This includes Leader John Boehner, Paul Ryan and my own representative, Bob Latta. These three along with nearly all of the other Republicans have voted against food stamp extensions, unemployment insurance extensions, welfare benefits, health care coverage and raising the minimum wage. In other words, they voted against the poor, the homeless, the sick and the defenseless.

WWJD? Yes, what would Jesus have done? And what is the new Pope saying to Catholics all throughout the world? 

What would we call a Catholic who does not heed this call from both the Pope and Jesus to minister to the less fortunate in our society? Perhaps a fallen-away Catholic? A Catholic in name only? A hypocrite?

Jesus would!


3 thoughts on “Odd Catholic Republicans

  1. How do you know Jesus would? I see, put words in his mouth like the Testament does?

    How many votes do you think that philosophy will change? How long
    has the Lattas, Boehners, Ryans, etc been serving? I think that they and the rest have been around long enough to know their religious leader. They
    don’t respond to such pious words. If religion had been the solution, there
    would be a just nation. RELIGION IS THE PROBLEM….Why expect it
    to create the just nation? Are you conservative enough to really believe
    the BS that America is exceptional?

  2. I didn’t miss your point at all. Beyond me how you can offer that. In large letters I said these politicians had the problem of religion. My point is why waste time with more venting and no solution for removing Latta?

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