Virgin Birth?

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Well, it’s the eve of a major western religious holiday which begins with a much
touted virgin birth of a male human and god.  The human virgin is impregnated
by a father god.  This resulted in a child that has half the genes of a human and
half the genes of a father, who is a god.  But, this is not an Egyption, Greek, or
Roman god, this time it is a Hebrew god.  How can this virgin child then be
fully human and fully divine?

This is what we grew up with and educated a good 12-16 years and more to believe.
We were indoctrinated to accept and believe in the virgin birth.  At those younger ages
we did not dare to question a virgin birth.  Did it even cross our thought back then?
To do so would have bee virtually impossible as our parents would have had us
committed,  friends and relatives would have ridiculed us and them, we would have
been ostracized socially and economically and politically.  Why?  We would have been
denying the word of father god, and western history is replete with examples of what
happens to people who deny the prophets of the father god  We had to believe and
accept the virgin and virgin birth.

Is this reasonable?  We know the Christian writings of Luke and Matthew which
attempt to give verification of the virgin birth and virgin child, written long after
the events.  What words of the virgin born child are they verifying his mother’s
virginity and him being a god?  Moreover, isn’t it interesting that the father god
did not cause the virgin pregnancy, for prophecy says that she was “impregnated
by the god holy ghost?  Every year this story is renewed.  What is it getting us?


7 thoughts on “Virgin Birth?

  1. How can this virgin child then be fully human and fully divine?

    Well, of course it cannot, but 2000 years ago the human genome was unknown let alone 23 + 23 = 46.

    We had an out-of-town couple visit us and they had been to church service. He is a 67-year-old Jesuit college grad and he commented, “I was listening to the Christmas songs being sung in church and said to myself, ‘BS!'”

    Would you wager a guess, my Bible Belt friend, what percentage of American Christians believe the two dueling nativity stories of the Bible? Dueling because, as you know, Matthew and Luke tell [wrote] two very different stories to retrofit the birth of Jesus.

    Note that neither Paul or Mark, the two earliest writers- the two closest to the actual story- neither had a birth story. There was none. It hadn’t yet become necessary to fabricate one some 40 years after the crucifixion.

    John, who wrote +100 years after the death, passed on that. Even further, John believed that Jesus preexisted in Heaven and merely took a small dip into/onto Earth then zoomed back up there.

    But you wouldn’t want to burst the belief bubble, would you my friend. Besides, what else do we have to look forward to during this cold, gloomy, dark time of the year?

  2. But, it’s not gloomy, dark, and cold here in the so called bible belt. Cool cloudless morning, going to high 50s and 60s for the next 10 days! People
    here will be out returning gifts in shorts and sandals

    Why would your Jesuit educated friend still go to church if it is “BS”?

    If John is an original apostle, how can he be alive 100 years after Jesus?

    And, what about, James, Jesus’s brother? What is he doing? Do I recall
    that James is in disagreement with Paul? Peter and Paul at odds with
    each other, so Peter goes to Rome. Later Paul is captured by the Romans
    and sent to Rome for trial and execution? I believe that James will
    be arrested and executed in Jerusalem and then the Romans destroy
    the city?

    As to the percentage quiry, I have no real idea? How about 72%?

    1. Whether your BB area is warm or not does not matter. The stories were written and placed at the Winter Solstice to usurp the other gods whose birth came then- at the low sun time of the year.

    2. Why church? Tradition, need to please wife.

      John? He was NOT the apostle. In fact none of the gospel writers were- a fact little known among Christians. Why? Silence is power.

  3. In the Dec. 24th LA Times, there was an article referencing a recent study from The British Medical Journal that said that 1 in 200 mothers report that they had experienced virgin birth. It also said that 1/3 of the women who reported the phenomena of virgin birth had also signed “chastity pledges” and most were a little shaky as to the details of what intercourse really was. More than half admitted that their parents had problems discussing sex with them….Interestingly enough a high percentage of the 8,000 women who took part in the first part of the study in 1995 and claimed that they hast lost their virginity then had mysteriously claimed to have regained by the follow up study in 2008-9. Obviously, this stuff happens all the time.

  4. Is Mary a Jewish name of t hat time? Second, isn’t it surmised that this
    “virgin” was raped by a roman soldier? Joseph then took her as his wife
    to protect her…..

    1. Miryam is Mary in Hebrew, but Muslims use that as well. Imagine that!

      The ‘virgin’ label is interesting. I’ve read that the word is a mistranslation of the Hebrew word for ‘young woman’ into the Greek word, ‘virgin’ in Isaiah 7:14 — which should describe a young woman giving birth to a boy who will be named Emmanuel. Oops!

      The Greek translators of the Hebrew were not aware of linguistic nuance, sentence structure subtitles, etymology,cognates and metaphor. This was lost in translation, literally. When I write to my non- English speaking relatives in Germany, I must carefully translate my American English into their Swabian German dialect! Yikes!! Otherwise they won’t get my meaning. Metaphors are especially troubling. That’s why I agonize during transcontinental correspondence.

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