Winter Solstice and Added Events

The long darkness of night will end soon. The Sun will end its ‘falling’ trajectory on Saturday yet it’s rise will not be noticed for a few more days. Our Sun did not fall into the sea!  Rejoice and be glad! The Sun is born anew and rises higher with each passing day. All praise and honor to the Sun.

Oh, and by the way, Christmas is right around the corner as well.  How coincidental. That Son is born anew as well. Imagine that. Of course Jesus wasn’t born on 12/25 but that doesn’t matter to most Christians because it is a fun time for celebrating the Light of the World returning. Manger, sheep, angels, magi, gifts, stars…

Interesting that the two earliest writers of Christianity never mention his birth. Neither Paul or Mark penned a birth scenario. They never heard of one. Some years after Mark, Matthew and Luke decide that Jesus ought to have a miraculous birth story and they fabricated one. The trouble was that each make up his own and they are markedly different. Why shouldn’t they be: neither author knew of his birth and, as a result, the result is pure fiction. Retrofitting Jesus- heaping grandiose virtues and events onto the life of Jesus to make him seem more than he was.

I smile as I think of those oh-so righteous Christians and their allies on right-wing media who whine about the so-called ‘war on Christmas.’ Doltish people defending the indefensible. But righteous; no doubt about that! Surely they have all attended the various pageants and church plays ‘re enacting’ the miraculous birth scene. They think it was real. Bless their ignorance.

Right now I am reading the book, Tomorrow’s Catholic by former priest, Michael Morwood. As he attempts to get into the mind of the 20-something man, Jesus, Morwood asks, “Didn’t he know that he was the Son of God? After all, Mary must have told him of the Annunciation visit from the angels?” And the visits of the Magi with the gold and stuff? Tongue in cheek. Retrofitting. Odd that, in the Gospels, he never tells anybody that stuff.

I’m just say’n…





6 thoughts on “Winter Solstice and Added Events

  1. I am reading and re reading the book, perhaps the most controversial book written in the last 40 years on psychology, Julian Jaynes, The Origin of Consciousness of the Bicameral Mind….Jaynes theories on the evolution of intelligence, of consciousness resound more vibrantly every time I make a break through and comprehend what he is saying. He really explains how psychological evolution is as important concept as physical evolution for humans. His ideas re affirm my feelings of why religion was an important step in our conscious evolution and also the origins of a lot of what we call mental illness. We little humans sometimes are allowed glimpses of reality. It takes a visionary to describe the theory behind a moment of “Voila!” Jaynes ideas have been making waves in the field of psychology since the 70’s and he has many adamnant detractors, but as we make more progress into unraveling how our brain functions, no one has ever been able to disprove his ideas and like the work of Nicola Tesla, they only become clearer and more coherent over time.
    That’s how I deal with winter….inactivity depresses me. I seem to be solar powered and I love the spring, heat and summer. I understand the need for holiday celebrations! I chopped down a little juniper tree this morning in the forest and we set it up in the house with our garish display of lights and tinsel. My wife goes into cookie making over drive…that how she copes with winter…It’s a win/win situation for everyone around here.

    1. Your decorated juniper continues the tree- loving culture/meme of those who revered the woodlands and called certain areas Holy. I nearly weep when I imagine the pain that was felt for those people who watched in shock as the Christians cut down these most sacred stands.

      What barbarism!!

  2. No sun to bow down to here in Mississippi today. We have had heavy
    clouds yesterday and again today. Yesterday’s temp was 80, an 80 again
    today. But, it seems we might pay the price this evening as severe thunderstorms are to move in with the threat of tornadoes. Right now very
    dark overcast, no rain, with very gusty wind.

    Well, M_R, you came thru again this year with your annual solstice greeting. I had a bet with myself whether you would and you came thru, lol

    1. Oh, THANK YOU, Engineer for the Solstice Dance. I was hoping that you would remember to perform the Holy Oak Tree ritual once again. You always come through for us.

      Great Solstice greetings to you and the Tribe of the Holy Oak Tree!

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