More Biblical Quackery

The quote from the ‘star’ of some hillbilly TV show pegs him as a homophobe but he blames it on the Bible and his faith. No doubt the Bible Belt is in an uproar tonight after the network suspended the ‘star.’ Quack! Quack!


Right-wing media, not surprisingly, is joining the biblical billies in their freedom of religion idiocy.

For the Bible sez…



4 thoughts on “More Biblical Quackery

  1. Checked out the biblical reference in Hattiesburg, Ms nat, and two commentators write these quotes don’t exist in the Bible. Have you checked?

  2. I hope you are not too worried by my absence from this blog lately. I had to step back, sometimes I am just too much of a pathetic human…I expect too much and am too bitterly disappointed when someone I thought was a friend really lets me down. Not you, Mudrake….don’t worry. I just had to step back from my anger and disappointment. Sometimes you just have to step back and breath deeply. I’m over it.
    Regarding this post…I have so many friends and relatives who I truly love and cherish who could be considered gay or something…my bottom line. if you are my friend, I will fight for you. If you are my friend, then you have something that I cherish and admire. I have very little fear of a fight. I’ve got the scars and rap sheet to prove it.
    Incredible, this is just a stupid Television Media hype thing…Another egotistic asshole trying to interpret the bible to manipulate those too lazy to think for themselves. Too stupid that I have relatives who are embroiled in a Facebook “controversy” based on this stupid show. It breaks my heart. I will kick ass……………

  3. Glad to hear that you are OK, Microdot. We did miss you and your spot-on comments. How was the grape harvest? Your garden harvest?

  4. Well, lots of intense work for the vendange…huge rainstorms and working in lakes of mud. I do not think 2013 will be a very good year, thin skin grapes with not a lot of sugar content, but we will see. Immediately after I went to Italy for 2 weeks…a few incredible days in Rome with a floor of a 16th century Pallazio as our base. The place belongs to the ex President of the Umbria region who my wife knew many years ago in Perugia. Then we went to Perugia by train and stayed at our friends ancient apartment on the top floor of a building on the stairway that follows the Etruscan aqueduct. I ate too much but not enough. I had never really been in Italy before. Lots of amazing experiences…I was in the Pantheon at noon, so the light poured straight down and it was raining at the same time, so water poured through the hole in the dome. One of the most amazing architectural spaces I have ever been in and because of the weather, it was relatively empty.
    I finally got to have my fill of white truffles in Perugia thanks to our friend, Francesco, the politician. He was the president of Umbria for 14 years…but of course,the Italian communist party is the dominant party in Umbria. It was interesting to be there as Berlusconi was being finally ejected from the machinery of the political system. I love listening to Italians arguing about politics in Italian! When I got home, there was a late girolle season in the forest and I stocked up our freezer with a almost 6 kilos of one of my favorite mushrooms then I dug up the potatoes, beets, black radishes and carrots…now I am getting ready for the next season….and planning our holiday menu with my wife. We are doing a bit of entertaining.

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