Fortnight of Christmas

Today is 2 days before the 12 Drummers Drumming prepare for the Christmas Parade. A fortnight. Fine snow is lightly falling outside of the window and the ground is already bright white. The local radio station continues its endless loop of nauseating Holiday music which began Thanksgiving afternoon. Christmas cards trickle in. My wife has 2 presents under our tree. Three of our grandchildren are in their teens, making shopping more complex. Two others are still open to ‘toys.’ Ho! Ho! Ho!

Oh, for sure,  the right wing is caroling the traditional,”War on Christmas,” while Congress is looking forward to a long winter’s nap. After all, they must be exhausted from their hard year of legislative inaction. I haven’t heard Scrooge utter “Benghazi!” in quite some time. He prefers to scare people by shouting, ” Obamacare!” although that, too, is slowly dying out- along with the fire.

Since we’ve no place to go, Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

I dislike snow, winter and all that attenuates.

So why do I continue to live in NW Ohio? Tradition. Three seasons are tolerable. Nice people here. Family ties. It’s comfortable.

So, fourteen days until the ‘Big Day!’




18 thoughts on “Fortnight of Christmas

  1. On a serious note….. I’m sure you have heard of Jameis Winston, quarterback of Florida State. He is the Heisman leading candidate
    as a freshman and led his time to an undefeated season as No.1.
    FSU will play Auburn for the national title and millions of dollars!

    It has been alleged he raped a student at FSU. Last week the State
    said not enough evidence to charge him. Her testimony and his
    ejaculate in her underwear is insufficient evidence to pursue a case
    against him. Huh? My point is this, where is Rev. Al Sharpton. Where
    are his nightly tirades about injustice to black Americans? Black on
    black must noy meet his criteria? Not a peep from him! Unfortunately,
    the same is true of Melissa Harris_Perry. Nothing on her show either.
    Indeed, has anyone on MSNBC’s evening reporters followed the case?
    How about FOX? The SILENCE is SCREAMING at me!

  2. Could it just be racism on the part of MH-P and Stockton? Oh, of course not!
    Yeah, the fix is in, so what if he raped a friend, his career, wealth, and the millions to FSU are more important, than a woman’s right to be secure.
    H-P and Rev. Al has joined the war against women!!!

  3. Really? You don’t see the sell out by them? My friend, it is what we have often quoted on here, “not a dimes worth of difference!”. This criminal
    violation of a young black woman by a black student-athlete is neither
    reported on MSNBC or FoxNews, yep fellow bed pals….

  4. How about the Pope’s statement when asked if he would appoint a woman cardinal, “women are to be valued, not clericalized.”?

    Valued, but inferior to men?

  5. Eat your heart Toledo. 65 here in Jackson, MS and probably 30ish
    and dark in Toledo and two more months of the same to follow at least. The sky here this morning is totally cloudless and bright blue….

    1. I am eating my heart out about that singular advantage that MS has over OH. After that, the advantage is mine. What I like here is the absence of Confederate flags and the rare truck with a gun rack.

  6. 68 and balmy here today. Last night I took my dog out at 10 for the
    nightly ritual in shorts, sandals, and short sleeves. Why put up with that
    n orthern cold and depressing monthly weather?

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