American-Style Serfdom

[post by UptheFlag]

The Social Security Administration released the following figures about the
type of jobs the economy is producing.  This is in response to the “good”
job report for November which saw the unemployment rate drop to 7%.
The SSA has 53% of Americans earning less than $30,000 a year.  40% earn
less than $20,000 a year.

The job report said that 200,000 jobs were created.  But, that big number
hides what is really happening out on the streets.  It hides the fact that we
have created a wage slavery employment system.  The jobs created are terrible.
The report shows 40,000 were hired in the restaurant and retail sector but
with low wages and no benefits ( a restaurant server is paid $2.13 an hour thanks to Herman
Cain (999), the Restaurant Assoc, and Congress.  There are 35,000 hires
in “professional service jobs”, but 17,500 are part-time.  Bezos and Amazon are
praised for their job growth and 60 Minutes gives a favorable picture, even with
drone delivery, all automated.  Many warehousing jobs are at minimum wage.  And,
what is Bezos worth?  While the healthcare industry has some high wage hires,
most of the jobs are in low wage positions like service(maintenance, housekeeping,
laundry, food service, etc) and with no benefits and part time.

This is where our economy is.  We have job growth, but the rest of the story is an economy of part-timers, sub-living wages, and no benefits.

My question is how does this economic picture change, where people have neither
wage security nor money to stimulate the economy to make more jobs?


10 thoughts on “American-Style Serfdom

  1. I hope that UptheFlag does not dislike the title of the post which I created. I see quite the comparison of Medieval serfdom to what is now a reality for so many American workers. Naturally this is not a direct comparison as real serfdom does not exist in our nation, as far as we know.

    Yet is is only slightly removed from the days when the peasants labored for their meager bread. Today’s circumstances have changed but the idea lingers on. They work for the master- not of the manor- but for Big Business. The Waltons, owners of Walmart, are worth $144.7 billion yet pay their workers minimum wages.

    What if they decided to pay their workers a living wage? How would the Walton family fortune decline? How would Jim Walton’s $34 billion decrease? What if it decreased all of the way down to $1 billion? Could Jim Walton ‘exist’ on one billion dollars?

  2. So we tax the Waltons down to a billion each? And all billionaires? Or would we just have a 90% death tax? Obama lowered the death tax!

    While I accept a progressive tax system, I’m not sold on a confiscatory
    tax. How do we balance it? What is the fair return on a person’s creativity
    and their financing, continual planning, his/her new products/services and
    the wages of everyone below?

  3. Lets say we are a congressman making $175,000 @ 90% we would have after tax income of $17,500 to live in one of the most expensive cities in
    the world……Isn’t that below the poverty level?

    And when it was 90%, that’s why all the loopholes developed so the effective
    tax on income was no where near 90%.

    I just find it un-American to have a tax system that taxes more than 50% on
    all three levels of government, that is, federal, state, and local. I do favor
    re-distribution to lower income inequality. But, I tend to support the “death

    Could the 21st century inheritance tax be what the 18th and 19th American
    ending of primogeniture was? Ending primogeniture stopped the inequality
    of one child inheriting all the estate, and it spread the wealth. Re-distribution! Buffett and Gates have already formed a group that pledge
    to donate, what?, half their estate to what non profits, charity. It still
    leaves a substantial sum on the table! The alternative is how long can the
    nation go on with10% free and the other 90% in wage bondage?

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