What Do You Read in the Faces of Two Men?

The headline on CNN today was this:

Rush Limbaugh: Pope is preaching ‘pure Marxism’

This was accompanied by the following set of photos:


What can you tell by reading the faces of these two men?


5 thoughts on “What Do You Read in the Faces of Two Men?

  1. The faces of these men say too very different things. As a intuitive, they are polar opposites to me. I’d avoid one like the plague, but the other I’d invite to my home for dinner.

    Can you not, my friend, see this? Or are you being your usual argumentative self??

  2. Yes, they are “polar opposites” of one another. One is methodist and the
    other catholic. But, they both profess religion, the evil of free people. The Pope and Limbaugh are religious bed-fellows. Both oppose equal rights for women, both deny birth control, both oppose fundamental institutional
    change. You have reported continuously of the evils of the church like
    covering up murder, rights of nuns, and the criminal rape of children.

    I would invite both to my home. My argument, my friend, is my disdain of
    religion . I see religion in both of these men. One might be better than the
    other, but they represent the evil of religion. The Constitution of the
    United States is a secular, humanist, and progressive governing order.
    It is free of religious tyranny that these two men represent in your Post.
    That is my point.

    BTW, if you have the courage to access Limbaugh’s web page, there is a
    full transcript of his statement. In it, and why Im suggesting it, is his
    points on conservative government pretty well laid out for the LIV. You will be seething as you go through it, as I was, but it gives the leading
    reactionary propaganda on economics and society. He provides step by step the talking points of reactionary GOP government. A problem, as I see
    it, is that the otherside, we, have no voice to counteract the Rights nonsense. He gives chapter and verse, and we have no media to
    counteract it. If MSNBC is the countervailing outlet, we get nowhere,
    as they talk in generalities to a much smaller listening audience compared
    to Limbaugh and FOX. We cannot win the war like this! By ignoring
    people like what is seen on FOX and Talk Radio as the “plague” their
    victory is a lot easier.

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