Thank You for Your Service

Author David Finkel has a new book out titled, Thank You for Your Service. He apServicepeared on Morning Joe at the same time that I was reading the Page of Opinion in the Toledo Blade. On that page was a political cartoon by Horsey, below, as well as an OpEd by The Blade that suggests that the GOP’s agenda will include undoing the progress made by Sec. of State Kerry in his dealings with Iran’s nuclear program.

Just yesterday I was in a conversation with a 17-year-old black girl on the subject of homosexuality and she found it strange that people are so prejudiced. She has friends in high school who are gay and lesbian. I quipped that things will improve when we old, white men hit the dirt. She chuckled, but I reiterated the point that each new generation is less prejudiced than the last one and this trend will continue as we old farts die off.

Here’s David Horsey’s latest political cartoon:


Not only are these old farts homophobic, but many love war, led by the pack of neocons who drove us into the Iraq War.

David Finkel reports on the huge number of returning Veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan who suffer from PTSD. The acknowledged number is 20-30% with more who are afraid to admit their mental anguish.

War games. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rice. Cheered on by fully-propagandized Americans waving flags and dissing those who warned against war. I think of a moment in my life in August of 2003- shortly after GW Bush’s infamous Mission Accomplished speech. I had a ‘No War’ sign in my back window and also this: ‘350 dead Americans.’ As I waited for the traffic signal, an SUV pulled along side of me. Two 30-something soldiers in uniform pulled next to me. The Army Recruiting Station was a half mile down the road. The one closest to me obviously had read my sign and grinned at me as I looked out of my window. He said something to the driver and he, too, grinned and then pulled away.

I often reflect on that scene these many years later. Did either of them see active duty in Iraq or Afghanistan? How many of their recruits did? How many died? How many amputations, brain trauma? How many now suffering PTSD?

Old white men and their lust for war.



4 thoughts on “Thank You for Your Service

  1. “Not only are these old farts homophobic, but many love war, led by the pack of neocons who drove us into the Iraq War.”

    Really now? There you go with the spin again. Guess you classify Hillary
    and Kerry as neo-cons then? Seems I recall they voted for the war and
    the apporopriations to fund the war. Kerry calls his votes “aan inarticulate moment.”

    1. Which group arranged for, staged and lied to get the war rolling? Which group, my friend?

      Hint: B_ _ _ _, C_ _ _ _ Y, R_ _ S_ E _ _, _IC_

  2. There you go again…The buck stops in the Senate…We don’t need fellow
    travelers like Hillary…I will say this, she is probably more bellicose than
    Kerry, but does it matter? The congressional-military-industrial
    complex continues….Now, Obama and Kerry want to keep our billions flowing to corrupt Afghanistan until at least 2024…I’m sure that you
    support that….

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