The Hate Lived on for Another 50 Years

The hateful signs that were seen in the black-and-white footage at the Dallas Airport 50 years ago were also seen in the past 5 years during the presidency of Barack Obama. Hate, it seems, never disappears from the American psyche. Today it concentrates itself in the right-wing of the Republican Party- the Tea Party.

Recall those anti-Obama signs carried by that band of self appointed ‘patriots’ a few years ago at the gathering in DC? Same hate, different target. And they say that this is a Christian nation. Really?

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I heard in the past few days of the wide spread anguish of The People those 50 years ago, but what about the people carrying those anti-Kennedy signs and those who plastered Dallas with ‘treason’ posters?  Did they too cry? Or did they rejoice at his death? And were they Christians? Did they sing in the choir on the following Sunday like those KKK members who hanged ‘niggers’ on Saturday night and exchanged klan robes for choir robes the next day?

That lynching fever went on way after Kennedy’s assassination. Same racial bigots, same hate.

And the hate-ember still glows among the citizenry of this nation. Anyone not like ‘us’ is to be feared and targeted.
One might understand such ethnic hatred were this some two-bit country in another part of the world where two cultures grind one another as they have for hundreds of generations.  But here in the Land of the Free?  How can that be explained?

What is it about white America that fans those embers so often? What privilege do we assume to be ours? Except for the scant numbers of Native Americans, we all trace our ancestry elsewhere.  We are all sons and daughters of immigrants- the so called illegals. Did the Wampanoag People call the first whites, illegals? Did the Wampanoag round them up and send them back?

Hate-filled Americans. What will they be thankful for this Thursday?

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5 thoughts on “The Hate Lived on for Another 50 Years

    1. Human nature, uh, sure. But why black intolerance? What did the black man/woman ever do to the white man/woman that would engender such bigotry?

      Of course, there is always the social ranking dilemma: Who’s on the bottom? Is the under-educated white afraid that he will slip into last place?

  1. That is part of it. How about economic? The white un-professional sees
    the black or the latino or the asian as taking jobs from them. You know, the shortest nerve runs from the hip-pocket to the brain.

    1. Taking jobs from them. I’ll bet no white guy in Florida would pick berries or plant lettuce. Latinos have the basement on these jobs.

  2. Speaking of Latinos. Did you see the clip of President Obama in San
    Fran answering the Latino interrupting his speech yesterday over his
    extraditing Latinos? The man asked Obama to use his executive authority
    to back off. Unfortunately, the President lied again! He said he has no
    such authority; he does! He brushes it off by saying that is why he was there, to get the law changed. He was incorrectly comparing apples
    and oranges, that is, his executive authority and a proposed law which
    at this stage stands like a snowman in Jackson,Mississippi.

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