That Day in ’63

Yes, I know where I was on that fateful November day in 1963. And again in April of 1968 and in June of  that same year. Those three assassinations occurred during my young manhood formation and haunt me to this very late time of my life. The idiocy of it all!

A few days ago I watched one of a plethora of JFK specials and I caught a glimpse of a Confederate flag at the Dallas Airport on that last day of JFK’s life. Confederate flag! God I hate seeing that flag.

So I Googled that and here’s what I found:

confed flag dallas

Socialism!  Segregation! States Rights. The usual garbage from the South and the far-right wingers.

Not only that, but there were signs, WANTED for TREASON signs all around Dallas that morning.


More communist, socialist, states rights and other idiotic shit!

And that was 50 years ago. You might think we’d learn from that.

No, it still goes on today with President Obama.  Hate-filled ideologues who spread their hate openly in the streets, on TV and on the Internet.

What a stupid nation I live in.

Fifty years of eternal stupidity!



3 thoughts on “That Day in ’63

  1. You know what, M_R? There is not a dimes worth of difference between MS
    and OH. Ohio is the new Mississippi! Yep, you Ohioans just easily passed
    in the Senate, I believe, two regressive bills, stand your ground and conceal
    and carry, and shortening voting time by 6 days which affects minority voting
    rights. What was that line you were giving about a different culture north of
    the Mason-Dixon Line?

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