50 New States

I’ve often written here that the Electoral College is not only outdated but a liability for our democracy. For example, the state of Wyoming with less than 600,000 people is awarded 3 electoral votes while the state of Iowa with 3,000,000 people is awarded only 6 votes. That’s because each state automatically gets 2 for its senators plus one vote per congressman which is allotted to an average of 700,000 people, but not always.

The website Fakeisthe NewReal ingeniously decided to reshape our states according to population, thus giving each state the same number of electoral votes. Here is the new map with suggested names and new capital cities:


Of course this will never become reality because we are all too territorial and could never conceive of giving up the ‘rights’ to our own state. Thus, we will remain undemocratic as far as the ‘one man, one vote’ is concerned.


3 thoughts on “50 New States

  1. Nah, that’s a “cop out”, and you know it……

    Where were you 50 years ago? I was playing basketball at TU, when a gym
    trainer rushed in shouting “the President has been shot.” We all stopped,
    picked up our things, and left. By the time I got to the house the car radio
    had announced his death.

    The question remains, who actually killed him? I still don’t accept any
    conspiracy like the CIA did it, or the Cubans, or LBJ. However, I don’t
    think that Oswald killed him. Oswald wounded him in the neck, a non
    lethal wound. There is a second shooter!

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