Old White Men

Yesterday on my shopping trip to my local Kroger’s store I encountered several black shoppers both in the store and in the parking lot. As I encountered each person I couldn’t help but wonder what they thought of me. As an old white man, did they think I was a right-wing bigot? A Tea Party racist? Segregationist? Of course, this all assumes that they actually gave thought to me at all.

Old white men form the foundation of today’s right-leaning Republican Party. If nothing else, surely I looked like a Republican. Gasp! If only they knew. If only I could have stopped and declared, “I’m not what you think I might be!” Yet, who does that?

As I watched the 3rd episode of “Many Rivers to Cross” on PBS last evening- the 5-part documentary on the history of black Americans- I could not help but recall my trip to Kroger’s earlier in the day. I wanted to re-live that shopping adventure and tell each black person I made eye contact with, “I’m NOT one of THOSE people!” Of course, I couldn’t; sadly we can’t redo history.

I wonder what my friend in Mississippi thinks as he walks the streets of his town. I further wonder what blacks think of him.  An old white man in historic Jim Crow America.


6 thoughts on “Old White Men

  1. You could wear a Democratic pin or badge?

    BTW, your sidekick in Mississippi is respected by minorities. When I ran for the State legislature I had the support of an black civil rights leader
    and newspaper publisher, Mr Tisdale and the “Jackson Advocate” and carried all the black precincts easily. I have a black business partner
    and just gave a talk to a black health group. So, I have and continue
    to reach out. I’m proud of my work with minorities, especially black,
    latino, and native American.

    1. Hurrah! Yes, I know of your support for all ethnic and racial groups and I am pleased that you call me friend.

      My only question is: we both fit the ‘profile’ of right-wing, old white man.

      My Obama pin! Yes!

  2. Seems to me “sidekick” is a large step up from a “friend”, nicht war?
    What range have we not galloped through over the years, lol!
    But, “old white men” is not pleasant to think about, you know. It sounds
    like we are riding out in the sunset, yikes!

    Maybe we still can saddle up Silver, Trigger, Champion, or Topper for
    a few more rides, eh? But, lets do something more than challenging
    windmills. Lets make it a good last ride…….

  3. A good last ride; that has to come after we have some assurance that our family is moving in the right direction. Not there yet! One might ask if it ever will be so? The horse might die of old age while we wait!

  4. Applying that to my family, I will die waiting for most of them to find the right
    direction. Some one said “the earth belongs to the living.” The train has
    already left the station for us, and we have to make hay while everything
    still works, lol……

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