Women Rank Lowest in Bible Belt and Red States

The Huffington Post posted an article that ranks the plight of women in the U.S. by state.  All 20 of the bottom states are RED states and are Bible Belt states. Republican. Bible. Women.

Women in US rankings


9 thoughts on “Women Rank Lowest in Bible Belt and Red States

  1. Looking at this map politically, I think it helps to show the “new” Confederacy.
    Color SC, NC, WV, TN, KY red and you have the 1860 Confederacy. Then
    color ID, UT, ND, SD, MT, KS, NB, MO, IN red, and this creates the “solid”
    GOP vote. The progressives then have to win the rest to have a chance. FL, VA, OH are swing states. My point is that it is not just a handful of
    loonies, or morons that you have to worry about. It’s half the country!
    Just one scenario that is out there: Suppose red state legislatures and
    governors change the electoral college by choosing electors on the basis
    what presidential candidate wins the congressional district, which is within
    the powers any state has. I believe at least one state has done this. In
    2012 Romney would have won the election.

    1. Good but scary observation my friend. Nebraska and Maine currently split electoral votes. It would be a grand nightmare if all states did that, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it is on the GOP agenda.

  2. Is it correct then to label half the people in the country as loonies and morons, or might there be something philosophical out there?

    1. There is distance, in some cases quite a bit, between ‘regular’ conservatives and the extremists of the Tea Party.

      By the way, Latta is getting pummeled by day 2 of negative letters to the editor.

  3. And my reactionary Rep voted to end the shut down. Go figure! Our venerable Sen Cochran is being primaried for voting to end it.

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