No Tea at the White House

‘The Tea Party doesn’t like the fact that there is a black man in the White House.’ That’s a rough translation from Henry Louis Gates Jr. The African Americans: Many Rivers To Cross is a new 6-part series beginning tonight on PBS narrated by Mr. Gates as he tells the story of the lives of African Americans in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. The 6th and final episode covers the time period at the end of Jim Crow to the election of this country’s first black president- the president who is loathed by racists and, in particular, the Tea Party.

Tea Party members [including my congressman, Bob Latta] abhor the idea that a black man could have been raised up to the highest office in the land. After all, many of them were born in a time when ‘they’ knew their place in society. As I suggested in my last post, Tea-Soaked Brain, it is my hypothesis that these folks are stuck in the past.  Stuck. They have fond memories of when times were ‘better,’ the America that they loved. They want their country back and for them, that means they want Mexicans picking fruit and blacks on the other side of the tracks- where they belong. Sort of Normal Rockwell with the exception of the following drawing by Mr. Rockwell:


Luckily for the United States, the Tea Party will fade out in the next generation or so as more and more obituaries appear in the local newspapers. Today’s generation as the generation before are much more tolerant people than my generation and before. Oh, there will always be racists and bigots, but not in the large numbers that exist at this time in our history.

Here’s the odd correlation. As this ‘Christian nation’ moves forward in time, both its Christianity and its bigotry will wane. Quaint parallel.


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  1. Really? I beg to differ with your interpretation. The Tea Party or its follower will still be here long after we are on the other side of the grass, my

  2. Now, in response to your comment about Jefferson rolling in his grave, lol.

    First, as I recall Jefferson was not part of the Constitution Convention. I believe he was in his beloved France. Moreover, he didn’t have any role
    in passing the ratification and especially the “Federatlist Papers”.
    Jefferson’s philosphy on govern is small and limited.He was anti-banking, anti-taruffsm anti-taxation All programs that the GOP desire today. He was anti-foreign involvement and wrote vehemently against Adams” bribery pirate war.

    He was a southern champion of the 10th Amendment, states’ rights. He championed the two pro-slavery clauses of the Constitution, the prohibition to ending slavery and the infamous three-fifths of a person, for representation and taxation purposes. He was against any movement to increase the power of the Federal Government, which became a quandry
    for him when Napoleon offered to sell all of Louisiana. How could he constitutionally do it? He did it on the belief that it supported his interpretation of a small, limited government as the yeoman farmer would
    be the backbone of the country against his dreaded Northern capitalists
    and Federalists.
    We visited this Monticello home, M_R. We saw his creativity, but we
    also so his cruelty, his slave quarters. Equality and liberty were not for
    “these people.” They were ignorant and not able to be free! Yes, he was
    a racist! There was an increasing common way to show one’s repugnance
    of bondage and slavery, freeing the black slaves at the time of death…I think
    Washington freed his slaves. Jefferson did not! Moreover, Jefferson used
    black slave woman for his insatiable sexual appetite. Yes, he raped many.
    This is the man we champion as the leader of equality and liberty…
    Jefferson’s belief on government is “that government that governs best, is
    that government that governs least.”

  3. Jefferson’s belief on government is “that government that governs best, is
    that government that governs least.”


  4. Hey we agree, lol. Jefferson is not rolling in his grave… What did Reagan say, something like “government is the problem”. That’s the way that
    the revolutionaries of 1776 saw it. This is why they ended up first with the
    Articles of Confederation…Dang, there is that term again!

  5. “It seems to me that what the Christian faith says is that every life is holy, every life is loved, and every life is called and empowered to be all that it can be. That’s not what you hear. Christianity has been a religion of victimization if you look at its history. We victimized Jews during the Crusades. We victimized Muslims in the 14th century. We victimized heretics. We victimized people of color. We victimized women. We victimized homosexuals. We victimized the environment. We’re currently victimizing immigrants. It’s all the same mentality.

    “What is it about Christianity that makes us constantly be a victimizer? I think it’s because we’ve adopted victimizing theology. We spend all our time in church talking about how sinful and evil human beings are. The only way you can tolerate listening to that is to pass it on. We have to pass on this hostility that we have. The idea that God killed Jesus because you were a sinner is a really strange idea. It makes God an ogre. It makes Jesus a sadomasochistic victim and it makes you and me guilt-laden.

    “Guilt never produces life. If guilt is your message, the best you can produce is a hidden righteousness. You repress your negative feelings in public and you pass this guilt on because it’s intolerable. I think what we’ve turned Christianity into is a sick religion and it comes out politically”

    -Bishop John Shelby Spong in a interview

  6. Speaking of victims, here are two sets of statistics about victims:

    The first is the five leading states for crime: TN, NV, AK, NM, SC
    The second is five worst states for women: UT, NV, LA, AL, MS

    TH abd UT at 1.\

    Anything about UT and Mormonism?

    1. Of course it is about Mormonism and male domination. Note further that 4 of 5 states which are ‘bad’ for women are RED states. No coincidence because the Bible tells me so…

      Huff Post: “Only 12 percent of Louisiana’s congressional seats are held by women, and the state has one of the top 10 worst maternal mortality rates in the country. There is only one OB-GYN for every 13,136 women in Louisiana, and nearly 20 percent of non-elderly women in the state are uninsured. Louisiana also requires an ultrasound, waiting period and counseling session before a woman can have an abortion.”

      Did you see that the bottom 20 states are all RED states??

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