About a Tea-Soaked Brain

When I was a kid, the Toledo Zoo had a building which displayed all sorts of body parts and fetuses floating in a yellowish liquid in glass jars. I’m quite sure that there were nightmares which included such scenes.  Interesting but creepy for a boy of 10. Not surprisingly, that display is no longer part of the zoo experience. 

I next encountered such ‘jars’ in biology 101 in a creepy old section of the university science building back in the early 60’s. Formaldehyde, I learned, was the yellowish liquid- an embalming agent. A pungent odor as I recall from my chemistry labs. Its use in the embalming process is referred to a tissue fixative. Fixative indeed. Some of those zoo jars were still on display some 20 years later as my children got to view them.

This post is not supposed to be a review of chemistry, but before I get to the political point, let me add one more bit of chemistry. Tea leaves contain gallic acid, essentially the same acid used in the tanning industry.The point is, drinking tea may be a tissue fixative, perhaps affecting brain tissue.

The Tea Party is an odd, peculiar and queer lot of people as was noted in the past few years, particularly last week during the moronic government shutdown. Strange people, yet I need not preach to the choir. I’ve struggled for months to figure out what their group affinity is-  their common raison d’etre.  Perhaps I have stumbled on it. It’s the tea! The tannins.  The tissue fixative- brain tissue! Eureka!

Hypothesis: because of excess consumption of tea juices, their brains have been fixed in time, a time long ago and far away. Stuck in the past. Fixed in bygone days resembling patients with Alzheimer’s disorder wherein the past is present.

If someone had asked where I g0t this hypothesis it was, wait for it…..It was…..Obamacare! Yes, the Affordable Care Act. Here’s why. This group, Tea Partiers, no doubt have for most of their lives, bitched about irresponsible people in society. They may refer to ‘them’ in other less-friendly terms, but nevertheless, we know that ‘they’ are considered an irresponsible, feckless class of folks. To the point: ‘they’ show up in the ER, often using it as their doctor’s office. And you-know-who has to pay for ‘these people!’ Do you follow me? Do you see where I am going?

So, the ACA requires all U.S. citizens to obtain health care insurance. Everyone. If not, a penalty is slapped on them. The penalty goes into funding of the ACA. It  makes those irresponsible people into responsible people. As a result, the ER will not be used as a doctor’s office.

Additionally, business benefits from the ACA.  Specifically, the Health Insurance Companies and its millions of agents all throughout the nation. Private insurers. The Chamber of Commerce in each town is happy about this.

A second beneficiary of the ACA is business. Business, yes business, another friend of the Chamber. They no longer have to offer their employees health insurance. Whew! One less expense for the owner. Money freed-up for growth or investments. Am I talking like a Republican here??

Well, yes, Republican. Business, Chamber of Commerce, Insurance industry, markets, personal responsibility. Holy crap!

Sadly, due to brain tissue fixation resulting from excessive tannin ingestion, the Tea Party missed all of that. They are stuck back in time- a time when they ‘knew’ that Democrats were bad, always bad and evil.

The past is the present.

Luckily, though, Obamacare has provisions for them when they completely lose their minds.



14 thoughts on “About a Tea-Soaked Brain

  1. Commend you on some creative writing! However, I don’t seem
    to find anything to comment on…Well, let me scroll up and read
    again…Hold on….

    I found something, lets try this:
    “Hypothesis: because of excess consumption of tea juices, their brains have been fixed in time, a time long ago and far away. Stuck in the past. Fixed in bygone days resembling patients with Alzheimer’s disorder wherein the past is present.”

    Your hypothesis is incorrect. It is a mistake to call them brainless,
    idiots, morons, loonies, crazies, clowns. These degrading terms
    will not defeat them. A majority of House Republicans voted
    against reopening Government, 144 members. What is interesting in my local politics is that my Congressman, Parker, voted for the
    deal. He might just be feeling some of our organizing in this District. Our two Senators also voted for the deal. What did your Latta do?

    1. Latta, district 5 and Jordan, district 4 both voted with the Tea Party. The Toledo Blade did a story on them in Sunday’s edition. Most of their former supporters were disgusted with their votes.



      Re your swipe about calling Tea Partiers ‘brainless,’ I referred to them as stuck, frozen in time rather than brainless. Hell, even Zombies have brains! Both Latta and Jordan appease (pejorative) those in their districts who want no progress in Federal government. They have been brainwashed (pejorative) into believing that said government is too involved in their lives. Many, however, enjoy their monthly SS checks and Medicare payments.

      In the Blade article, one of Latta’s supporters told the reporter that she likes his anti-abortion stance. So much for government intrusion into our lives.

      The bottom line is: there is nothing rational or consistent in their ‘thinking.’

  2. Oh, you mean YOU? You are the repository of all truth, is that what
    you are inferring?

    This division of weak and strong government has been with us before
    there ever was a Constitution. Jefferson/Madison were the prime
    adherents to a weak and small government.. Hamilton was a
    federalist or strong federal government. Jefferson/Madison a
    nation of small farmers. So, when Jefferson was faced with
    buying Louisiana Territory how could he do it? Wasn’t in the
    Constitution. But he wanted that territory for his nation of small
    farmers, so he enlarged the Constitution and bought it anyway.
    Today, the Democrats are the Hamiltonians, and the GOP the
    Jeffersonians. Do you see that? Talking politically, not religiously!

  3. Lest I forget, according to the poll recently down by Chuck Todd of MSNBC, the Right was 28%, while the Left was 21%. Doesn’t seem
    to equate that your in the majority!

  4. One can look at this way, it seems to me, namely, election results. This is what DeMint and the Tea Party have accomplished. The have elected Rightist in two progressive States of Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, Johnson and Toomey.
    Then there are Lee of Utah, Cruz of Texas, Rubio of Florida, and Paul of
    Kentucky. Not a bad record for a “bunch of loonies.”

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