Who should we really be mad at? (I apologize for language in advance)

The recent government shut down has coincided with an unbelievable moment in my life.

Johnny O’Bloggin is now part of the 1%. I will not get into details, but I will let you know that seven figures are involved, along with a whole lot of positive income. But let’s get to the shut down.

When I first started blogging, I gravitated towards Conservative blogs. Not because Of the same ideals necessarily. But because we shared the same hope for 2012.  That hope was for a different President. According to Northwest Ohio Native, who used to comment here, I like to misrepresent myself. But that is not true at all. I have always been an open book. I don’t like Obama. Never have, never will. And in my opinion, I was right. He is an awful President. But,  the reasons I think he is awful, and the reasons the tea party types think he is awful seem to vary greatly.

The biggest issue in regards to the shutdown seemed to be the AHA (Affordable Healthcare Act), otherwise known as Obamacare. The truth is, I’ve hated this bill since it’s inception. This bill does nothing in my opinion. If the goal is to insure every American, FAIL……………..If the goal is to provide cheap healthcare, FAIL………………..If the goal is to save American jobs, FAIL……………….. But the Tea Party will tell you, Socialized medicine is the problem. I disagree. The AHA sucks, because it does not do enough. The medicare system will work. Everyone will be covered and it will be cheaper. But OH NO, taxes may go up. This is what I don’t understand. I middle aged man who earns 40K a year is against A total tax payer funded universal healthcare system, because their taxes will go up? And Obama was against it because he needed to win in ’12, and couldn’t afford to lose independent votes? But PLEASE, let’s placate to the insurance companies and their lobbying groups.

But let’s look more closely at the Tea Party and the retardation I see. I read an article today that claimed Ted Cruz is a front runner for the ’16 GOP presidential nomination. Please tell me this isn’t true Tea Party peeps. TED CRUZ? Some of you have screamed the birther shit since ’08. But now you’re willing to support a dude born in EVIL canada to a Father born in COMMUNIST Cuba. HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!! This is almost as bad as the asshattery involving inner city woman not being able to get an abortion. But then not funding food programs that will feed those children that were never wanted in the first place.

In the end. I’m sort of lost. I don’t quite understand what Republicans nowadays are getting at. All I know, is that John McCain seems to be doing a better job than our POTUS could ever hope to do. But I’m sure Conservatives label him a RINO, while progressives seem to adopt the attitude that ’12 Romney voters adopted…..IT COULD BE WORSE!!!!!!!!!!

Liberals and Conservatives seem to be falling into the same trap. The better of two evils. In my opinion, this is the mindset that set this country spiraling downward.

While I enjoy blogging with Liberals and Conservatives at the same time, it is becoming apparent to me that both stick to their guns, and both vote accordingly, which may very well be destroying this country…………………………….

Back to me. Wow that sounds narcissistic! Recent events in my life have made me look at things in a different point of view. Especially banks. Imagine 0% loans on anything you wanted. How about curbside service? If I lose my ATM card, a personal banker will drive to my house on a Sunday and give me a new one. If I go to a casino and use the ATM which usually includes a $4.99 fee, my bank will now pay that fee! Why? Because I have enough money in that bank to make me a VIP client. But I digress. I think the true reason is Bill Clinton. Contrary to what I’ve read on this blog, he started it all. He is defended as the utmost courageous fighter for the middle class. And everyone here calls the tea party followers brainless retards? This guy not only sent American jobs to Mexico, but he also created a banking atmosphere that benefits people like me. Instead of people like I used to be, Who really needed zero fees, or zero percent financing.

What I realize during this new chapter in my life, is that pretty much all the people I’ve followed on blogs are ridiculous. Progressives tout a horrible healthcare bill because 12 million more people will have insurance. They refuse to discuss this POTUS in a negative light because at least he’s not Romney or McCain. Conservatives preach that a god like presence needs to be injected into our government. Even if it creates the most retarded contradictions. And you can say what you want about Clinton (Sir), Clinton(Maam), Romney, or even Obama, but you can not deny that the actions of Senator McCain over the last year have been what’s best for our country.  When I visit blogs, the only things that I see, are different reasons for destroying this country.

Maybe one of these days, we’ll get it right.


22 thoughts on “Who should we really be mad at? (I apologize for language in advance)

  1. “I wish every one could be as rich and famous as I am, because then they would know it’s not the answer” recent quote fro bleeding heart liberal actor/comedian Jim Carrey.

    1. He’s an a##hole Dottie. I’m sure it’s an answer that anyone losing their home or struggling to feed their kids would love to have.

      1. I think your reaction is as knee jerk defensive as your political views sometime seem to be. His statement had nothing to do with the difference between struggling and being comfortable and you know it. I’ve struggled my entire life and still struggle. I have learned how to be pretty damn happy with very little and I believe I have a better, but harder life than people who make 100 times as much as I do! I applaud you good fortune what ever it was. From what I have read of your accounts of your life, you deserve it. But the problem with good fortune, sometimes you assume you are entitled to it and the perks. I try to do a little good with what I have. I want to have my own pathetic little positive influence on the world. It’s part of what gives me purpose and keeps me vital! I expect to be working my ass off until I die and that’s what I like!

        1. now, excuse me, I’m taking my wife on a bargain vacation to Italy for a week and will try ever so hard not to be miserable….arrivederci

          1. Maybe my reaction to the Carrey quote is reactionary in a way Dottie. To be honest, I don’t personally know the man, and I’m not quite sure of the context of the quote. I am just under the impression that the man is egotistical, and this stems from articles I’ve read throughout the years.
            As for my political views, I don’t feel like I’m defensive, I feel like I’m just passionate. And this lucky day of our doesn’t make me feel entitled. As I said buddy, it pisses me off. Not too mention I sort of feel guilty because there are so many families out there that need it more than us. But the perks that come with the money is disgusting. As I told Muddy below, we can afford to pay fees, we don’t need anything for free. Give the freebees to the working class, especially the working poor. They’re the ones that need it. So yeah, I guess the worst part about this money is that it didn’t create a beast, but made a beast more passionate. I’m sick of the double standard my friend. Everyone here makes fun of the tea party and lord knows they deserve it. But I’m starting to look at President Obama and the Clintons in almost the same light. They’re moderate republicans in democrat’s clothing. I would like to see a true progressive president. I applaud Obama for recently standing his ground. But I can’t help but think that it wasn’t for the betterment of our country. I hope I’m wrong and I guess we’ll all find out when they start negotiating new corporate tax rates. All signs point to Obama selling our Seniors and disabled down the river.
            UTF mentioned fem-nazis below. Maybe there only goal is to see a woman inn the white house. But why a moderate republican like Clinton? God knows her husband did a bang up job. How about Senator Warren instead? Thus far, a true fighter for worker’s rights and a person fighting against this s##t banking system that we have. There are only two Democrats I would vote for in ’16. That would be Warren or Sanders. I would even donate to campaigns and donate time. The rest to me, are useless. I smoked way too much weed again and I’m rambling. You have fun in Italy and maybe you can take some pictures and post them on your blog. Safe travels my friend and remember, passion is not a defense mechanism.

  2. I often wonder how, if at all, my life would be ‘different’ if I inherited x-dollars. Currently I am able to pay my bills and take a modest yearly vacation.

    What is important in one’s life? Surely not money (except for the authentically poor). Family, friends, inner peace.

    Thanks, JOB, for making me examine my values.

    1. You’re welcome Muddy. The situation has really made me examine my values as well. During my examination I have become very angry at the system we live in. Namely the banking industry. As you can probably tell by the tone of my post, I am quite aggravated. The happy part is that it was not an inheritance. So we didn’t lose any family members. It was actually a slot machine at a casino.
      What I can tell you about that much money, is how great it makes you feel to be able to help struggling family members. We gave the queen’s SUV to my sister because they needed a car. We bought my brother-in-law a car because he needed one. And we set aside enough money to pay for my sister-in-law’s kids catholic school tuition through high school. Other than that, we paid off all of our debt. Credit cards and mortgage. I donated my old car to a veteran’s association and we bought two new ones. But we stuck with chevy and jeep. No bentleys in this house. We dumped about all the money into a six month CD just to earn a little extra on it before tax day.
      But what angers me, and probably anger everyone here, is the way wealthy people are treated in this country compared to middle class and the poor. Of course we were always able to make guesses, but until you actually experience it, you have no idea of the extent. Seriously, I’ll pay the $3 ATM fees. How about giving the single parent of two kids who makes $10/hr FREE atm transactions. They’re the ones who need it. This country is so backwards, it’s maddening.

  3. JOB writes: “I think the true reason is Bill Clinton. Contrary to what I’ve read on this blog, he started it all. He is defended as the utmost courageous fighter for the middle class. And everyone here calls the tea party followers brainless retards? This guy not only sent American jobs to Mexico, but he also created a banking atmosphere that benefits people like me.”

    You don’t read me defending President Clinton. I hold him very

    Just last week I attended a local county Democratic Party meeting
    that hosted a MS State early organizer for Hillary. I asked the
    woman to explain three legislative failures of the Clintons. The Wars in the Balkans and Iraq/Afghanistan, her and his failure of health care, and their support of ending FDR’s New Deal programs in banking and welfare. As to the war question she said that
    she didn’t know about the wars!!!! And to the other two she said
    that we still have welfare and banking!! Is Hillary’s campaign
    in trouble?
    Now the “rest of the story.” I was fortunate to escape alive.
    The ” femi -nazis” came after me with snarling teeth bare and claws out. “how dare I speak like that against Hillary and to this fine young woman?”

    1. Yes UTF, that’s true. I was actually thinking of you a few weeks ago. The wife and I went for a long drive south. Drove all through Mississippi on our way to New Orleans.

    1. I have to disagree Muddy. If they are spending time organizing political support for a candidate, they better know who they are supporting. That’s my opinion at least.

  4. Well, we all have different opinions on political stuff. Organizers are not hired because of their knowledge of things political, I repeat. I therefore do not expect them to know that stuff. They are not put in front of the cameras to discuss issues. Give her a break!

    1. “Organizers are not hired because of their knowledge of things political”
      Then why are political organizers hired?
      Are they not trying to organize support for a candidate that according to UTF, they have no knowledge of?
      Did you research Obama before you worked for his campaign?
      Aren’t organizers suppose to have basic knowledge of entities they are organizing for?

      1. Organizers have ‘basic’ knowledge, specifically on policy, not history. They have media spokespersons for the public.

  5. If you suit up, you had better be prepared. It was no rant by me, M_R; I only
    asked three questions after she asked for questions and comments. Moreover, she talked about her “great” experiences at being a senator
    First Lady, and Sec of State. Then, there was a long rant on why there is
    a need for a woman president. I said, “a woman president is fine with me,
    but Hillary is the wrong woman.” Then this other woman gets up and comes over to where I’m sitting, gets in my space, and shouting at me why am I opposed to this outstanding woman. The rants, my friend, were all on the
    other side! And, these points have been presented here on many occasions.
    I did not bring up Benghazi; that would have been your “rant”!

    Practice what you preach on the LIV. These women only want a woman,
    no thought about the issues!

  6. Good try, M_R. I “pissed them off” simply because I spoke against
    a woman. So, why are you supporting “royalty”, M_R. You only thing that a Bush or Clinton is fit to be president? When you were
    standing out at Central and Secor protesting the Iraq War, what
    was Hillary doing to support you?

  7. Muddy, she has brains and balls. In today’s current political climate, I think that’s more important than charisma.

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