Amazing Disgrace

Imagine this scenario: you are charged with governing this nation and, after no legislation moves forward, you decide to sing the hymn, Amazing Grace, in the legislative chamber. No, this is not a joke, prank or fantasy. 

House Republicans Sing ‘Amazing Grace’ As Their Latest Plan Dies

There it is for all to see: religion impacts governance, just as frequent commenter UptheFlag has warned.  Dominionism in the House of Representatives!

I am speechless.


7 thoughts on “Amazing Disgrace

  1. So does it take that to accept what your best friend of 60+ years is intellectual writing? Well, if it motivates you off the dime, that is fine.
    The pen is not mightier than the sword!

  2. The problem is that you have it wrong. They are not interested in governing
    a nation. They don’t want any legislation. They want to defund government.

  3. I think the lesson here is you do not negotiate with self deluded bigots who use religion to justify any agenda which they set their collective insanity on. It’s the same as trying to negotiate with the Taliban, or Al Qaeda….the world is going to end soon anyways, so WTF? Drive the Clown Car off of the cliff…I support Obama in his stance in not negotiating in this idiotic brinkmanship game. Because that is what it is….and the GOP has already lost more than they ever imagined they could have lost in this debacle.

  4. This time I was absent because I worked for 9 days in the mud doing the final harvest….bizarre year…I worked for a few days, then we had to wait until 15 hectares of Merlot and Cabernet got ripe enough to pick…then it was a frantic race to harvest before the grapes started to rot and in the onset of the rain….My inner masochist really had a great time, though, and we can’t wait to do it again. I have been posting on my blog and there is a photo and video piece about the harvest this year. I am going to take the first vacation together with my wife since we were officially married in NYC in 2009…we leave on Tuesday for a week in Perugia, Italy….I hope to meet up with the great anti gun blogger MikeB32000 in Rome for a few minutes in a cafe! We are going to be staying in my friends family home in the Etruscan Wall in Perugia, where by total chance, was the location where MikeB proposed to his wife many years ago! Mike worked for the UN for years and our host, my old buddy, Enzo was one of the heads of the UN’s Documentary Section for many years…I showed the photo MikeB sent me to Enzo and he flipped…that’s my house! Should be an interesting encounter.

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