New Device Harnesses Sun and Sewage to Produce Hydrogen Fuel

Oct. 10, 2013 — A novel device that uses only sunlight and sewage to produce hydrogen gas could provide a sustainable energy source while improving the efficiency of sewage treatment.  ScienceDaily

That, my friends, is THE science discovery of the decade!  Imagine that: 2 free resources which continually produce a valuable energy product with the added bonus of greening the planet at the same time.

sewage + sunlight = hydrogen gas.  Win #1- there is no end to sewage. Win #2- there is no end to sunlight. Hydrogen gas, in fact, fuels the sun.  Win-win for everyone!

Time to invest your $$ in this concept [unless you already lost your investment $ through the idiocy of our non-functional government.]

At the 2012 World Hydrogen Energy Conference, Daimler AG, Honda, Hyundai and Toyota all confirmed plans to produce hydrogen fuel cell vehicles for sale by 2015. Bingo! Say goodbye to Saudi oil and Canadian tar sands and the Keystone pipeline.

LA Times– Drivers of fuel-cell vehicles in Southern California — the few dozen of them who exist — might soon be flocking to a new hydrogen fueling station in Torrance to power up their cars. Other stations, including ones in Irvine and Santa Monica, rely on hydrogen that is trucked in and stored on site and often have wait times for fueling.



12 thoughts on “New Device Harnesses Sun and Sewage to Produce Hydrogen Fuel

  1. M_R, c’mon now! How many times on here and the previous blog
    carrier have I written about hydrogen? You and MD have constantly
    poo-pooed my support of hydrogen. Later than never is at least a step
    forward! I have been supporting hydrogen since early 1970s.

    The problem remains of hydrogen getting government support for
    additional research and money, the animosity of the oil and gas industries,
    pipe lines, fuel stations, safe pressurized tanks, mileage, just to name
    some off the top.

  2. Permit me an aside:

    Richard Land, the recently retired spokesman for the Southern Baptist
    Association, has become the President of the Southern Evangelical
    Seminary in NC. It is significant to look at what he had to say in his
    inauguration sermon.

    He said that “We are here to serve Jesus Christ…We’re hear to be
    used by Him to enlarge His kingdom.”

    “The Seminary “is here to train green berets, paratroopers, and SEALS
    for God’s army.”

    Land continued, “My goal is to produce an ever increasing number of graduates who will be the green berets and paratroopers of God’s army, and who will be used by Him to win tremendous victories for Christ and His kingdom.”

    This is more evidence of the seditious dominion movement to overthrow
    the Constitution of the United States

    (can make it a Post if you want)

    1. If as you state the Dominionists Movement wishes to overthrow the U.S. Constitution and replace it with the bible, then President Obama surely is the anti-Christ. I wonder if we could continue to play around some more with other ‘characters’ for this dark drama. Which role for AG Holder? Bill and Hillary? Michelle Obama? Nancy Pelosi?

  3. Dominionism is anti-government, just not constitutional government. The last couple of weeks has brought it to the fore. We have seen a number
    of Congressional members say how “happy” they are, that government is
    shut down. You have written about anarchism, and this is what it is.

    Why does Obama have to be the anti-Christ? Does it require a person?
    It seems that it can be a form of government, like socialism. The names
    you provided are socialists in dominion thinking. These people are no
    Eugene Debs or Norman Thomas.

    1. I was suggesting a scenario, a play acted out in the Dominionist mindset. Surely it cannot be rational. It has to be delusional. After all, in my judgement most bible-thumpers are mentally off. Thus the plot for that way of dealing with reality.

  4. I don’t think they are playing though. They are the true believers. You had a post on faith and belief not long ago. Does it sound like Land is playing when
    he calls for people to become green berets, paratroopers, and SEALS?
    These three groups, you know, take no prisoners. They are killers, hit and run. They will be the assassins. It doesn’t matter if they kill in a person’s home, in a church or temple, or blow up a federal building. They become
    a martyr for the Lord’s coming.

    A liberal scenario? Where? That’s a joke, isn’t it? What has bee the liberal/
    response for lets say the last 30 years? Capitulation to the reactionaries!

  5. What you said in your most recent reply sounds very much like a new TV drama/series, perhaps a cut above Breaking Bad.

  6. I don’t follow! We are in the midst of neo-Confederacy, and that is very
    real, don’t you see this? Not something to be diminished with a frivolous
    statement about a TV series on the idiot box…..

  7. I have to take exception here, I never poo pooed hydrogen! I would like you to show me where I have. I’ve written about many different alternate hydrogen generating systems. I’ve written about the hydrogen vehicles that have been on the road in Iceland for 10 years now and the infrastructure that already exists there. besides if I actually poo pooed any gas, it would probably be methane…don’t light any matches….

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