Tea Party Anarchists

Senate majority leader Harry Reid identified the Tea Party movement as an arm of the anarchist movement albeit a less violent version of the political movement that blew up buildings in the early 20th century. Anarchists purport that organized entities of government to be undesirable, unnecessary, or harmful. Imagine that. Further imagine that for a nation of 330,000,000 people. One wonders if they think believe that a society of that magnitude and diversity can coexist in peace and prosperity without a governmental framework. Like the old West when the sheriff leaves town.

I assume that Reid refers to a particular type of anarchy because anarchy is embraced by both far-left as well as far-right ideologists. Some form of libertarianism is my guess.  Reid framed this as throwing a wrench into the cogs of government, essentially meaning that they are happy with the shutdown of government. Mindless masses, however, don’t fully understand the impact of that wish, especially the +65 faction of the Tea Party. No more Social Security and Medicare! WHAT?? Of course, they demand both while screaming to close other government programs [which do not affect them.]

There is the idiocy, simply stated.  ‘I want mine, but you can’t have yours!’

These Tea Party nuts [my most kind metaphor] appear to be the typical, half-ass American dolt who has only a thimbleful of knowledge. Eager to absorb propaganda aimed their way, these useful idiots , especially the +65 set, want the entire pie and don’t give a damn if their grandkids get the empty plate. They are a disgrace to my generation.



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  1. Ben Stein does a little blurp segment on the show, “Sunday Morning.”. This past Sunday I though was very good.

    He said, “Those who were delegated through elections to run the government, and who are now advocating to shut it down, by definition, there in itself defines failure. Thus is the legacy of the Tea Party.”

    Sums it up quite well for me.

  2. I appreciate what you say, Engineer, but it is a talking point. We are doing nothing to reclaim government. Would you be willing to
    contribute $200 to an organization to lobby our Representatives and
    inform the 90%?

  3. Whether they are anarchists or dominionist, they must be stopped.
    It’s one and the same. I think that it is more of dominism than
    anarchism…dominiism begets the anarchism. This is the answer to the question of “why are the republicans shutting down government.” Now, the question is what is that percentage. Is it 25%?

  4. I appreciate what you say, Engineer. I have the same situation, and with
    my social security on the table if there is a debt ceiling closure, who knows, lol. But, what is $200 I ask myself. I can work some extra hours at my part-
    time and have it in a couple of weeks. We are not like the Founding Fathers
    who put their entire fortunes and lives on the line. If you, or anyone, has a
    different solution to the sedition of this “rump”, lets put it out here and we can
    talk about it.

  5. “…If the believe that a society of that magnitude and diversity can coexist in peace and prosperity without a governmental framework.”

    Yes, because the are dominionist, M_R! The “blackrobes” will ensure their
    “peace and prosperity” as they wait the “coming”. There is this active
    conspiracy under way.

    Again yesterday, the banter was all about what they want beside shutting
    government down. But, that is it! They want to permanently shut government down; that is the end game. They succeeded on a beginning
    level. And, lest we think that it can’t happen, check back with the Mother Country with the beheading of King Charles and the interregnum of
    Oliver Cromwell in the mid-1660s.

    1. What about off with THEIR heads!! Is political assassination a viable option if the entire government of this nation is in jeopardy?

      1. Check out this book

        In Have a Nice Doomsday, Nicholas Guyatt searches for the truth behind a startling statistic: 50 million Americans have come to believe that the apocalypse will take place in their lifetime. They’re convinced that, any day now, Jesus will snatch up his followers and spirit them to heaven. The rest of us will be left behind to endure massive earthquakes, devastating wars, and the terrifying rise of the Antichrist. But true believers aren’t sitting around waiting for the Rapture. They’re getting involved in debates over abortion, gay rights, and even foreign policy. Are they devout or deranged? Does their influence stretch beyond America’s religious heartland—perhaps even to the White House?

        Journeying from Texas megachurches to the southern California deserts—and stopping off for a chat with prophecy superstar Tim LaHaye—Guyatt looks for answers to some burning questions: When will Russia attack Israel and ignite the Tribulation? Does the president of Iran appear in Bible prophecy? And is the Antichrist a homosexual?

        Bizarre, funny, and unsettling in equal measure, Have a Nice Doomsday uncovers the apocalyptic obsessions at the heart of the world’s only superpower.

      2. If you read about 18th century anarchism, yes it was. This was
        true in the slavic countries. Anarchist finally assassinated the
        Tsar of Russia with a bomb that blew his legs off. And, the
        ArchDuke of Austria was assassinated in 1914 setting off WWI.
        In 1917 the revolution occurs in Russia, and the rump Bolsheviks
        take control….

  6. 50 million – mega churches – abortion, gay rights, foreign policy

    And what is the shibboleth that covers all that and even more?

    That is the slogran used to “;ull the wool over people’s eyes.

    Where is the media commentator who will ask Cruz if he is a
    Dominionist?Limited gov3ernment to many of those 50 million means no government, M_R. Put these 50 million in gerrymandered
    districts, and we have what we have in Congress and State legislatures, right?

    If you look at the English Rump Parliament in the mid 1600s, the
    terms used were the front benchers and the back benchers. The rump were the front benchers, the fellow travelers were the back
    benchers. In our case today we have about 40 to 60 members calling for no government and a large number standing back unwilling to call them out. Until now, Boehner is controlled by
    the rump, or as some commentators say, “Cruz has become the
    Speaker of the House.” Where is our Cromwell? Who will it be?

  7. If there are x-million Dominionists in our nation who control x-number of House seats and, as a result, control the House Chamber, then we, as a nation, our ‘democracy’ is essentially hijacked until long-time members of the GOP realize the plan of these hijackers and, as a result, force them out of the Party.

  8. M_R, who would be President today, Obama or Romney, if the States changed their presidential election selection by giving the
    candidates their vote based on who wins each congressional
    disctrict in the general election?

      1. My point is this M_R. If “x-million” are Dominists and fellow travelers, the last few elections demonstrate when they can do electoral. The old “solid
        South is now the solid reactionary South with religionists setting the agendas, the “black robes”. Do you think the Dakotas, Kansas, Oklahoma,
        Nebraska, possibly Iowa, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah would have much trouble
        implementing a Dominist agenda? The result? President Ted Cruz!

        My friend, these people live religion. To really understand that total
        commitment to their God, one has to live here and see it at work. If they
        could, segregation would become legal again. Just look at the example of
        resending Sec 5 of the voting rights act. Within a week, some only a day,
        had restrictions on black voting. As bible thumpers, they still believe that
        the African American is “the beast of the field.” Sadly, that is the milieu
        here or in the above States. The Mormons really don’t accept blacks in
        real terms. What is the one institution that is preventing a reversal? The
        Federal Government! They call it EVIL. So if it is “evil”, what needs to be done according to them? End Government!

        1. Woah! Lots of information here…let me do some research and get back. In my neck of the woods, things aren’t so ‘out there’ as you experience. As ‘outsiders’ we don’t get the message, the doctrine, the propaganda.

          I guess, from what you say, RELIGION may, in fact, be the end of a democracy, OUR democracy!!

  9. There are true FACTS out there and just plain LIES. And, to be
    sure, there is a gray area. It seems now, however, the two sides
    have coalasced into two camps, roughly factual and the other deceitful. Take the point I have trying to make with Dominionism
    and limited government. The Right will not talk about Dominionism
    before a camera per see, but in Church meetings and in the mega Church services it is openly referred to. Not to many people would accept Domionism per see, ut 25 million is not a small number I guess.. But, in selected congressional districts it becomes a mojority vote.
    However, M_R, I am on adifferent level of trying to suggest a way out of the situation the country is in. Just doing the same opposing arguments to them is senseless. They are not about to be re-converted. They are believers’ they have the faith! We have to identify
    the people on the otherside who are willing to give that $200 in targeted congressiional districts. The Dominionists and evangelicals no matter what tithe their 10%. I have a baptist friend here who is furload right now and doesnt know how he is going to pay his car and house notes, but he will not miss his tithe to the church. And, I don’t know what you need to research, because this is the same we have been discussing here for years. Now, with this th theory, we have something to work with…

  10. As to the end of democracy, surely you jest. They don’t want a democracy, it is theocracy that motivates them. A government
    sttructure threatens their beliefs, all government is bad and evil.
    It is the work of the Devil, Satan. This is stated outright in their
    messages. Even, Wallis is a devil for calling for the separation of Church and State, right? Separation from the church is ungodly!

    My question is, Can we forge this into a type of Paine, “CommonSense Pamphlet? We would havce to stir abouta hundred million to compete with Paine, lol…

  11. Tonight, Ed Schultz called Boehner a “traitor”, in his attempt to
    old the government shut down in place with substantial budget
    changes. Interesting? A couple days ago, i used the word “sedition.”

    1. Traitor may be harsh; what about ‘democratic obstructionist?’ Boehner is in deep trouble and if he does not allow a vote on a clean CR, then we may have to go deeper in to our thesaurus to describe the man.

      1. Just maybe it is time to call a spade a spade. WTF is a “democratic obstructionist”? What is it when a person refuses to uphold the Supreme Laws of the nation they are sworn to enforce and to violate the normal
        and constitutional method of changing a law? Did Gingrich, Graham, or
        Clinton uses extra-Constitutional method to change Glass-Steagle?

        1. One who, through the powers they are assigned, willingly refuses to exercise that power for the common good of the democracy.

    1. The question is not them leaving, but where are they going. They are leaving because of the contradictions they see between Matt.25 in church
      and the negative politics of their Christ’s words. That is, in church they are instructed to feed the hungry and to heal the sick, but they see their politicians enacting laws to cut health care and food subsidies. It doesn’t
      mean that they will move to the Democratic Party .

      1. True, my friend, but at least they are not being influenced by fellow pew-sitters and preachers. The gay issue, it seems to me, is the driving force as they leave the churches their parents attended. ‘Feed the poor’ will continue to ‘feed’ their common sense in distancing themselves from fundamentalist associations.

  12. You are doing a good job of avoiding the issue…We are into talking
    points again…The issue is forming an organization, beginning with
    you and me, that will take the place of the old labor unions to pressure Congress and provide electoral success. Here is the opportunity to counter the false propagnda of the Right and educate
    people on the nation’s problems…

  13. I don’t see any other way, you know. We ring our hands, but do nothing.
    We are not at the bottom of the decision making, and that is where we need
    to be. I am sure you see on the news programs, what I see. Incompetence!
    Start with Ed Schultz, Rev AL, Matthews, Hayes, Maddow, and finish with
    O’Connell and it’s all the same talking points with different words. We know
    what the bottom line is, but they don’t want to talk about it. And we know what is required to change Washington back to “We the People”. We can’t not get motivated.

  14. Interesting date, Oct 9th. My best to you, of course. I know that
    it is coincidence, lol, but of all days tohave my cardiology exam done
    is today. My ultra sound shows that my heart has mostly recovered
    from my emergency in July. Dr. says the ultra sound shows that
    my heart is 99.9% healed and therefore should have no more problems. So, there you go…A good day for both of us!

    1. Yes it is a good day, my friend, but especially for you! WELL DONE on healing thyself! Many more years ahead of us, we hope.


    2. Yes it is a good day, my friend, but especially for you! WELL DONE on healing thyself! Many more years ahead of us, we hope.


    1. What will we do? We might watch a younger generation take over for us. Recall JFK’s line re passing the torch to a new generation. We were that generation, my friend.

  15. Sitting on the side lines has not been one of our traits. As you said, we are
    outside the box. JFK is history; we are not! We are that generation that he
    and RFK inspired. You are throwing the towel in even before we even begin
    to flesh out this proposed organization. Change, we are agents of change.
    Umm, my friend, JFK also used the quote of “a journey of a thousand
    miles begins with the first step.” Our grandkids need you and me to try
    some first steps, if they are to have the “promises of American life.”
    Lets go down fighting the plutocracy and have some fun……

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