Mad Men Breaking Bad

Tea Party and other right-wing nuts: mad men breaking bad!  It has come to this: our very democracy is in danger of failing, imploding, yet millions of dumbed-down Americans cheer it on! Spongeon brains soaking with misinformation. Zombies! Useful idiots.

Yesterday in NYC, some citizens walking down the street were asked whether they prefer Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act. You know what happened: many chose ACA over ‘Obamacare.’ There you go. Ignorance is bliss!

So there is a government shutdown; rather, Fox News calls it a ‘slimdown’ as does the GOP. There you go- feeding pap to the fools. The stupidity of it all! Yesterday Texas Governor Rick Perry said, “If this health care law is forced upon this country…the implementation is a criminal act!” Yes, the governor of one of our states said that!

There is no end in sight. We are in a strong downward spiral like a black hole from which there is no escape. Should we take $$ out of our savings account and hide it under our mattresses? Grab a gun? Buy canned meat? Dig a bunker?

Mad men breaking bad are in control, out of control!


10 thoughts on “Mad Men Breaking Bad

  1. You know what it is? It’s DOMINIONISM, the Rightist reactionaries
    belief that their god is returning to have dominion, so who needs

    1. Could be but of course, it’s nuts both in religion as well as in governance. By the way, WHEN is this ‘return’ scheduled?

  2. Cruz’s father is a powerful figure within the dominion movement.
    According to him, the father, 2012 is/was the beginning date for
    the “scheduled return” that you suggest. He bases it on the number
    “12” which according to him is a significant number in the bible.
    It’s why there were 12 apostles. I don’t think that he gives a date
    for the end, but it’s more like a process maybe beginning in 2012. This is why his son ran for the senate. He is to be the preparer….

    1. Twelve, eh? Seriously? This set of religious zombies seriously believe ( not THINK ) that our calendar accurately counts 2,013 years after the birth of Jesus? There’s the idiocy on display, yet millions of the “faithful” have no clue that the ‘counting’ is incorrect. This current year ought to be 2019, thus Cruz was elected in 2018 in that the ‘birth’ is suggested as 6 BCE.

      Yet, as has been often demonstrated through the eons, BELIEF trumps truth. Idiocy squared!

  3. It’s their talking point! Yes, they are serious about all these untrue
    “facts” they give. Cruz, the son, gave a speech recently in which he
    said everyone else that doesn’t accept dominionism is untrue. The other side is atheistic, secular, humanist and doomed to hell. Social is an evil because, according to him, it makes a new god, that is,
    government. One cannot be a true believer and be a socialist. The same is true of all other jor alternative marriage relationships that are not one female and one male. Why? Because all these arrangements are anti-family. It’s government fault as it is socialistic and anti-family. He firmly believes this, and that is the
    scary part. And, counter to your point they they are pulling the wool
    over their followers eyes, they are out front with these statements.
    Gifving speeches day after day at the mega churches or Party
    rllies in various states. He just did one in Iowa.

    The news today is off the luncheon the Senate GOP had yesterday
    with Cruz. The Senators themselves are providing the shock they had over his stupid comments at that luncheon. They say he has no
    program to get out of the mess. But, you see, that is his program. You have called it many times here, nihilism, or anartchism. That is exact what he wants. He wants no government program. When it falls, we will be given the dominion of god. Indeed, he is using the term “black robes”. He says the american revulution was brought on by these “black robes”, ministers who wore black robes over their army uniforms! He and they want “no government”, and whatever moves that along is what they will do.

    You know, M_R, the Dems have already blinked, right? They are accepting the house budget for removing ACA from GOP repeal.
    Dems will give the GOP the more limited budget for removing ACA from the bill…Already moved Right….Now, the GOP wants more.
    Here we go again, moving right….

    1. they they are pulling the wool over their followers eyes Easy task, very easy to do. I refer back to my hypothesis regarding the propaganda-absorbing brain type which is commonplace in both the GOP and fundamentalist Christians. Wool-pulling has been going on for millennia, two to be exact.

      By the way, there were not 12 apostles. There were 12 tribes of Israel and that number got attached to ‘the 12.’

      Wool and more wool…

  4. Tell Cruz there weren’t 12 apostles!…The black robes would be vsiting you. And, your family as well…This is serious…We are looking at a coup in action with closing the government, don’t you see? It’s the rejection of the Constitution. He, they, are destroying
    the Constitution, while they say they are the defenders of the
    Constitution…We have a rump POarliament…

    1. …yet the masses remain uninterested [as usual] and the right-wing cabal loves this destruction of our democracy. Who elected these fools? Why did they get elected? Are these congressmen just what their constituents wanted??

      It’s hopeless, my friend. Ignorance and disinterest is the deathknell of a democracy…and we have both!

      1. I repeat my question: WHO elected these radical nuts? What were the voters thinking [believing] when they pulled the lever? Seriously, what were they hoping for? I’d like to interview these voters to see just what their political agenda was, what their concept of society and governance was like.

        Or, I suspect, they were merely useful idiots.

  5. Nah! It’s not hopeless in my opinion, not yet. Now, it will go that way if the
    supreme laws od the country are not enforced.

    I am reminded about the 1954 Supreme Court Brown decision. Eisenhower
    was not happy, because he knew what it meant. He remarked, “Let them
    enforce it.” He knew full well that only he had the power to enforce the laws
    of the land, not the Court. Much like Washington and Hamilton had to
    stop the production of whiskey in western PA and collect the tax. Washington
    mounted his great white steed and marched to Pittsburg. You remember what Ike did, he nationalized the Arkansas National Guard away from Gov.
    Faubus. Kennedy did the same in MS and AL universities. Sadly, M_R,
    I don’t think the current President fits into their mold. No one should be
    permitted to shut down the government and not pay its previous debts.
    That’s why there was a Constitutional Convention in 1787. One of the first
    acts of Washington was the collection of all state debts under the previous
    Articles and make them good. It established the “full faith and credit” of the
    United States. If Obama blinks, it is dismal!

    Moreover, I am very disappointed with the news services. It’s the same
    talking heads day after day. Every program has its cadre of “experts”.
    And, they only reinforce the talking points of the moderator. We get who
    talks bad or demeaning about whom, nothing about the historical function
    of government. The masses remain “dumbed down”.

    Therefore, this brings me back to the congressional district lobbying
    plan. Without an organization we are voices in the wilderness, having
    no impact. It seems to me that we just can’t sit around pontificating
    about this or that. FDR said “try something, if it doesn’t work, change it.”
    JFK said “the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step”.
    We can’t wait on 2020 and hope that the States will be controlled by
    Democratic governors and legislatures and will be gerrymandered in
    our favor. Hell, we might not even be here in 2020! Here is something
    at the grassroots that we can do. You know how to find the voters who
    could support this organization. There is this void. There is no organization
    that speaks of a 90% agenda to Congress and to the District. Weiss du?

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