Exercising our Futility

Little changes except for the weather. And because of the current trend in earth-warming, those changes are becoming more frequent. Yet there is a loud, cranky and ignorant group which denies that reality. So why bother attempting to educate the masses about that critical [read deadly] fact? It is futile.

The Affordable Care Act presents new opportunities and mandates to the citizens beginning in 3 months, but the entire Republican Party wishes it dead. Why? Oh, nothing substantive; they just hate Obama. Nuff said. Try to change their minds? Futile.

Educational issues have always been a tennis match. Old farts believe that today’s kids ought to have the same kind of education they had 60 years ago, as if the world hasn’t changed in that time period. As a result, they vote down school levies and force schools to improvise with the monies they have. Kids suffer and, as they get older, so do we as they can’t find jobs and seek public welfare to survive. Then, naturally, the same old farts cut welfare programs for these same people. Try to change their minds? Futile.

Green energy sources are all around us and will not only reduce global warming but will make our air cleaner to breathe. Solar and wind power could save us money, but luddites, influenced by Big Oil, disdain such new fangled ideas. Try to educate them?  Futile.

Gay marriage has no impact on married couples yet holier-than-thou fundamentalists vote to ban such unions in state after state. Why? For the Bible sez… Try to reason with them? Are you kidding! Futile.

Minimum wage workers who work 40 hours a week cannot succeed financially and as a result, need state or municipal programs in order to survive. Tax dollars, to be exact. Raise the minimum wage? Hell no! If they don’t like working for minimum wage, let them find a better-paying job. Intellectual discussion? Are you nuts?  Futile.

The Infrastructure of the United States is in horrible shape.Fact. There are millions of jobless people. Fact. Jobless people could be put to work improving the Infrastructure. Simple, eh? Not! Congress would rather play suicide games with our economy to score political points so that the members will get reelected. Insanity. You bet! Try to organize people to get that message across? Not a chance! Futile.

Ten million undocumented people living within our boundaries. Configure a plan to get these people documented, to become functioning citizens? Of course not.  They are ILLEGALS! Discuss this issue sanely? Never! Futile.

The most wealthy 1% watched their accumulation of even more wealth grow tremendously over the past decade while the median income of the ‘regular’ American worker stagnated. Populist uproar? Peasants’ Revolt? Barricades in the streets? Are you kidding? In fact, many of these ‘regular’ stiffs vote year after year against their own economic interests. Tell them? Educate them? Nada. Their heads are too full of propaganda: no room for logical thinking. Futile.

One out of every five tax dollars goes to the Pentagon. Costs rise each year and procurement of armaments proceed with barely a whimper of disagreement. The Pentagon is armed to the teeth as if we are in a world war with armaments fit for a 20th century-style war. Cut the funding? Are you un-American! Communist! Futile.

It’s all futile.

So, when’s the game on? Want a beer?



7 thoughts on “Exercising our Futility

  1. If all the activity that we have been involved in over the decades has
    ended in futility, why do we persist doing the same thing? It seems
    to me we ought to find a more useful or effective or useful or
    productive activity and organization.

    After the debacle of Watergate, the GOP had become a losing
    political organization. The monied and business interests believed
    that they had no plitical Party expressing their desires. Therefore,
    they decided to oranize outside the Party with organizations like
    the Association of Manufacturers, Chamber of Commerce, Business
    Round Table, and others. The Democrats had labor unions.
    By 1981 the GOP had regained the White House, then the Senate,
    then the House in 1994. The Dems lost three Presidential elections in a row, and this forced the Dem Party to move Right under
    the organization formed by Clinton, the DLC, and in 1992 Clinton
    wins the Presidency and announces that “the day of big Government is over.” Then he ended Glass-Steagle and “ended welfare as we
    know it.”
    The situation, it seems to me, M_R, is that with the rapid decline of labor unions, there is no real left organization on the national
    level that understands the needs to the people, that is, the 90%.
    There needs to be a group that has an agenda of what programs
    are past due, what is necessary now, for the future, and based
    on common sense.
    How can this be done? It seems to me the best way is to do
    this on the congressional district level. Remember, this is outside the political parties. Each congressional district has roughly
    700,000. A congressional lobbying group could be formed from
    1,000 people of the district’s 700,000. Now, these 1,000
    pledge $200 a year. That is $200,000.00 a year for engaging
    the district’s congress person. It is an organization that has money
    behind it to influence public policy.
    From the New Deal through Nixon, we had a government that supposrted the needs of the 90%, expecially through the organizaing efforts of labourunions. We are now in a plutarchy, of the rich elite. Why? Because they have money and are organized.
    I have been thinking about this for some time, as you may
    recall, I said previously that I had an idea. Change requires
    money, an organizxation without money cannot get the progfessive policies front and center…Can the Genera s of the North and South unite on this?

  2. But everything else is a dead end, you know…The reason, it seems to
    me, is that the pressure group of the Left is gone. In the 50s, 60s, and 70s the unions had a group of 34%, now it is 7%. The progressives have to rebuild a national program, as the GOP did after 1973, If we can’t find 1,000 out of 700,000, then it is futile! It’s less than 1%. M$200 is not a lot of money to people like us.
    M_R, maybe this is why….

    1. Well, what other word is there? Look at goofball Cruze reading Dr. Seuss in the Senate Chamber, filibustering a bill he supports! If that doesn’t shout futility then we’re all nutz!

      Why bother, my friend, when DC is a circus act?

    1. Yes, it has a strong possibility to be just that. Tell me, given the circus in DC, tell me how two 70-something old farts are going to make any difference in this act???

      Fait accompli.

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